Active Lesson

The purpose of this Active Lesson is for the children to interact; to build connections with the story and music by participating in a range of activities  

Aims & Objectives: 

Learning Objective: WALT: We are looking to… 

Develop our participation, expression and confidence skills by responding to music, props and literary materials.  


Learning Outcomes: WILF: What I’m Looking for…  


Responds to activities by listening and focusing. I enjoy being present for the activities, and show signs of wanting to participate physically, verbally or expressively. 


Responds to activities by both listening and investigating. I ‘have a go’ participating in activities I feel comfortable in, preferring to listen and watch in those I am less comfortable in. When prompted to by a teacher, I interact with the musical activities, provide verbal responses, and indicate an opinion regarding the literature.  



Responds to activities by enthusiastically joining in. I thoroughly enjoy participating in the activities, attempting to learn song words and actions quickly, showing preference and confidence in ‘choice’ tasks.