Assessing Development Nursery

Assessment Sheets can be downloaded from this section. Scroll down for explanations about the following assessment documents:

  1. The ‘Crescendo’ Ladder
  2. The Development Chart
  3. Basic Questioning Sheets

1. The ‘Crescendo’ Ladder

What is the Ladder?: The ladder explains the different skills that should be developed through the programme. Level 1 is the lowest, level 5 is the highest:slide1

What is a Crescendo?: Crescendo is the Italian word for ‘growing’, and the musical term for ‘getting gradually louder’. This is what a crescendo symbol looks like: Screen Shot 2016-09-07 at 06.25.52

Assessment by Topic: Each topic comes with it’s own ladder, which can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page and ‘downloading’ each ladder.

2. The Development Chart

This is a simple assessment sheet to help you track each child’s development throughout the pack. It uses a ‘traffic light’ colour code in order to make tracking simpler. You will need to download and print a sheet for each child (scroll to bottom of the page). You can either ‘tick’ boxes, or add a number from the ‘Crescendo Ladder’ (above).


3. Basic Questioning

The 3 sheets below consist of basic questions which the teacher can ask the class. These are simple and can be built on according to the levels of the children. There is 1 sheet for the story/songs, 1 for the instruments and 1 for the symbols. You will find examples of other, higher level questions as you explore the lesson content/activities throughout the programme.

slide1 slide2 slide3

Downloadable Sheets: (Make sure these pages are printed landscape!)


Downloadable Sheets: Crescendo ladders for each topic (topic one available for trial version):