Syllabus & Curriculum

You can find information about the syllabus of this course in the table below. For more information about the cross-curricular and skill development aspect of the course, please visit the Curriculum Objectives tab

Lesson Topic: Aims: What will we cover? Curriculum Links:

Lesson 1:
– Stories in Music

1) To understand and demonstrate how stories can be told through music.
2) To become familiar with the the basic structure and general idea of ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
3) To connect themes and ideas between the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music and story.
Illustrate stories and scenarios through performance, using untuned instruments and the voice.
Analysis of the music through comprehension-based activities.
Sing songs expressively.
Written composition.
S: E&S
Mu: All
HE: All

Lesson 2:
– The Orchestra

1) To develop knowledge about the Orchestra, instruments and musicians.
2) To identify the timbre of each ‘instrument family’.
3) To apply knowledge through composition work.
Discussion about best teamwork practices in relation to the orchestra.
Exploration of the concept of ‘timbre’.
Analysis of theoretical musical knowledge.
Expressive text and musical composition.
Mu: AllE: All

Lesson 3:
– Rhythm

1) To understand basic staff and notation (written music).
2) To apply what we have learned through listening, writing and performance activities.
3) To understand the relevance of rhythmic concepts within the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music.
 Introduction to basic musical notation – values of different ‘beats’ and ‘rests’.
Reading and responding to notation on staff and to the music through performance with untuned instruments and using the voice.
Composition of written music – applying knowledge learned in class.
Mu: All
Ma: N, GSE: All

Lesson 4:
– French Horn
King & Queen Ball room

1) To understand how tone and emotion is conveyed through music.
2) To understand the connection between lyrics and tone, applying this through listening and writing.
3) To gain a firm understanding of all elements of the French horn, appearance, history and sound in relation to the inter-related dimensions of music.
Composition and performance activities for ‘lyrics’ to a song.
Analysis of the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ chorus, using the inter-related dimensions of music and written notation.
Study of the French horn instrument, through a range of resources and activities.
S: SE, PP, PF, S
Mu: All
Ma: N, GSHE: All

Lesson 5:
– The Violin
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.08.19

1) Develop understanding about sound production and vibrations.
2) Understand features about the violin – appearance, pitch.
3) Apply knowledge through design technology activities.
Discover a variety of elements about the violin.
Apply knowledge learned about the violin in a range of contexts.
Build String Instruments from different materials.
S: All
Mu: All
Ma: N, GS, ME: AllADD&T

Lesson 6:
– Crescendo

1) To use our voices and instruments expressively.
3) To develop our knowledge on musical ‘dynamics’, in relation to the ‘Crescendo’ sign.
4) To analyse the violin and crescendo in the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music and story.
 Experiment with different ways of using our voices and untuned instruments expressively.
Explore the ‘Crescendo’ symbol.
Develop our composition and aural skills focusing on the violin.
Mu: All
Ma: N, GSE: AllL

Lesson 7:
– The Cello

1) To study and apply knowledge about ‘pitch’.
2) To learn the features of the cello and distinguish these from those of the violin.
3) To develop written and aural music skills in a variety of ways.
Expressively use our voices to imitate ‘pitch’.
Learn about the cello and draw comparisons with the violin – sound and appearance.
Revisit our knowledge on written ‘rhythm’, adding ‘pitch’ into the mix.
Develop our knowledge on ‘melody’ and ‘harmony’ through a variety of activities.
Mu: All
Ma: NE: AllPE

Lesson 8:
– Oboe

Olive the Oboe

1) To learn about the oboe, and distinguish its’ features from those of other instruments.
2) To identify music notes of different ‘duration’, as heard played by the oboe in ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
3) To understand the connection between the next part of the story and the corresponding music.
An introduction to the oboe, building comparisons with other instruments.
Discussions about the different features of the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music.
Development of aural and rhythmic knowledge using the inter-related dimensions of music, and performance with untuned instruments/our voices.
Analyse and describe the next parts of the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music and story.
Create a Woodwind Instrument.
S: SE, S
Mu: All
Ma: NE: AllA


Lesson 9:
– Flute

Flora Flute

 1) To develop our knowledge about instruments from different families.
2) To identify the inter-related dimensions of music through the introduction of the flute.
3) To develop aural, composition, performance confidence and listening skills through consolidation activities.
Consolidation of all lesson topics and skills developed so far.
Introduction to the flute. Exploration of the whole piece of music and story of ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
S: SE, S, PP, PF
Mu: All
Ma: NE: All


Lesson 10:
– Dynamics
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 10.31.53

1) To understand the purpose of universal symbols, both musical and non-musical.
2) To identify all the different ‘dynamics’ by their symbol and sound, in the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music – ‘piano’, ‘forte’ and ‘crescendo’.
3) To develop our composition and improvisation skills, focusing on the inter-related dimensions of music.
 Explore the level of force required to play instruments in different volumes.
Explore new musical symbols and build familiarity through a variety of theoretical and practical activities.
Work in teams to compose and improvise pieces of music using staff, notation and dynamics, performing expressively with untuned instruments.
S: SE, S, PF
Mu: All
Ma: N, GS

E: All


Lesson 11:
– Conductor

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 08.24.36

1) To understand the purpose of leadership.
2) To demonstrate conducting skills that interlink with all musical concepts learned so far.
3) To develop skills & ideas through music-based activities and visual cues.
Introduction to the conductor of the orchestra.
Exploration of the body language used by the conductor.
Conducting to the time signature of ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
Becoming a leader by conducting our peers. Consolidation of ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
S: SE, S, PF
Mu: All
Ma: N, GSE: AllL

Lesson 12:
– The Composer

1) To discover the relationship between a composer & his music
2) To develop composition skills through music-based activities.
An introduction to the life of Jacques Offenbach through a range of resources.
Independent composition work – literary and musical.
Mu: All



E: All

School Assembly

If done as a whole school assembly…

KS2 students to narrate

EYFS sing solo – they are

KS1 students play cut out French Horns during chorus while EYFS sing

KS2 students conduct both EYFS students during the choruses

EYFS play untuned instruments as the orchestra plays

Otherwise all parts can be played by KS2 students




King Vlan


Party guests

Orchestra – x8 ( or as many as required)

Prince Caprice

Village people


Scientists x2

King Cosmos

Moon guards

Princess Fantasia

Moon guard 1




Music plays


The curtain rises revealing a welcome home party for Prince Caprice in the grand hall in the royal palace. The King is sitting on his throne, his steward by his side and there are party guests around him chatting to each other whilst the orchestra are playing their instruments: a flautist, an oboe player, a horn player, two violinists and two cellists. There is also a conductor leading the orchestra. The music trails off and the orchestra stops playing. Enter Prince Caprice looking surprised. As he arrives, the party guests stop talking, turn to face him and start clapping his arrival. The scene freezes and on walks the narrator.


Narrator: There once was a man called Prince Caprice, he was very handsome and brave. Extremely bored of palace life, it’s an adventure that he craved.


[Exit narrator. King Vlan gets up and walks over to his son and gives him a brief hug]


King Vlan: Welcome home Caprice! I hope you had a marvellous time getting to know the citizens of our country.


Prince Caprice: Thank you dad, yes it was interesting to meet all the different kinds of people.

[Indicating to the people in the room]

What is the meaning of this grand party?


King Vlan: Oh yes! I have some extremely exciting news!

[He looks around him and beckons to his steward who comes towards them holding a rolled up parchment. The parchment is passed to the King and then the steward bows to both of the royals before taking a step back. Then he addresses the room]


Steward: Esteemed guests, if you could please hold the celebrations for a moment longer, King Vlan of France would like to make an announcement


King Vlan: My royal subjects, it has given me great pleasure to serve as your King. You all know my son, Prince Caprice. We have all watched with pride as he has grown into a fine man. His recent travels have taken him all around our country, where he has connected with many others who make up our society. As my 50th year of ruling is nearly over, I would like to celebrate by stepping down and passing on the crown to my son, Prince Caprice, future king of France.


[There are gasps of surprise from the Prince and the guests in the hall as the King takes off his crown and holds it out for his son. Prince Caprice takes a step back. The music begins to play]


Narrator: Prince Caprice began to fret; this was the last thing he expected. He had come home to tell his father, about a new life plan he had selected. The French Horn got ready to play as Caprice revealed his idea, he wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear.


[Exit narrator. The horn player comes to the front of the stage to stand next to the prince. The chorus begins]


Prince Caprice: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!


[The music stops and the horn player returns to his place in the orchestra. Everyone on the stage except the Prince and the horn player start laughing, thinking the Prince is making a joke]


King Vlan: [smiling] Oh Caprice, you are terribly funny! Going to the moon! What a wild imagination you have! You will do wonders with this country!


[The violinists come to the front of the stage and the music begins to play. The King offers the crown once again, and Caprice who now looks irritated takes it and throws it across the room. Everyone gasps and looks shocked. People around the room start whispering excitedly to each other. The steward runs after the crown and carries it back to the throne. The King angrily stomps over to his throne and sits as the Prince gets on his knees in front of his father. He holds his fathers’ hands and as the next chorus is about to be played, the horn player exits and returns on the stage with a group of village people following him. Some of them are carrying untuned instruments. The guests part way for the crowd as they approach the throne and stand behind the prince. The violinists turn and watch the crowd and they stop playing as the chorus begins. The chorus plays and the village people and the prince sing to King Vlan as the horn player accompanies them. Some of the village people play their untuned instruments to keep in time with the music (3 beats)]


Prince Caprice & village people: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!


[The music stops]




[The scene opens in the royal library. Microscope, the King’s scholar, is sitting there pouring over a table full of books. He is using a quill to write in some of them. The orchestra and their conductor are also on the stage.]


Narrator: The party finished quickly and the King was irritated. The plan he had mapped out for Caprice was not being celebrated. For sometimes fathers do believe that their word should be law, and he was far from ready to have Caprice withdraw. And so he sought out Microscope, a scholar of renown. This man could crush Caprice’s dreams and thus he’d take the crown



[Enter an angry King Vlan and an excited Prince Caprice]


King Vlan: [Shouting] Microscope!


[Microscope jumps up with a fright and knocks the books all over the floor. He faces the King and bows low]


Microscope: Your Majesty. How may I be of service?


King Vlan: Talk some sense into my son! He desires to travel to the moon! [Mutters] nonsense!


Microscope: [Turning to Prince Caprice in utter bewilderment] the m-moon, sire?


Caprice: Yes, the moon, Microscope. I must get there. It’s such a mystery and I would like to be the first to explore it. Sword fights with moon-people and winning a moon-princess – this is my destiny! I am sure of it! How will you arrange my mission?


Microscope: M-me, sire? I, I – it can’t be done.


[Caprice withdraws his sword from its’ scabbard at his side and advances upon Microscope who falls to his knees and curls up in a ball on the floor. The King follows and grabs the prince’s sword arm]


King Vlan: Now Caprice, I will not have you behead the best scholar in my Kingdom in the name of this foolish errand. However, now I can see how much this…adventure means to you. [He pauses] So I would like to help. [He turns to Microscope] Microscope, you have until sunrise tomorrow to find a way to send Caprice to the moon. You will not fail. [He looks at the books on the floor] And clean up this mess whilst you’re at it!


[Exit King Vlan and Prince Caprice. The orchestra starts playing music. (Listen to recording to hear the timings for individual instruments) Microscope rises and begins frantically running around collecting books and pouring over them. Two scientists in white coats come into the library and Microscope shows them the books but they shake their heads and leave. He continues to read and then draws up  plans with his quill. The stage gets darker and then lighter and then the music stops. Microscope lifts up the paper he has been writing on. Enter Prince Caprice and King Vlan]


Microscope: [Exhausted] I have found a way!




[The scene takes place on the inside of a shell – this is a huge empty bomb that will fire the travellers to the moon. Microscope, King Vlan and Prince Caprice are sitting inside with their luggage. A screen separates them and the civilians who have come to send them on their journey – they are all carrying untuned instruments. The orchestra is also standing with the civilians. Enter Narrator]


Narrator: Microscope had devised a plan that would send the Prince on his way. The Prince would sit inside a ‘shell’, which would be fired from a giant cannon that day. Microscope had been forced to join on this very dangerous mission. King Vlan had joined the travellers, to help his son achieve his ambition.


[Exit Narrator. Microscope glances at his watch]


Microscope: It is time, sire – hold on to your crown.


[The passengers all hold hands. The civilians start playing their untuned instruments quietly in three beats and build it up getting louder and louder. They all finish on a very loud beat and stare up into the sky. The oboe player steps forward. The music starts and the civilians sing the lyrics with actions as the oboe player plays and then the rest of the orchestra and conductor join in.]


Civilians: Can you see?

There’s the moon

Prince Caprice will reach there very soon

Adventure starts

As he’s seen 

Princess Fantasia

She’ll be his queen!


[The music stops]




[The scene takes place on the moon. The shell has crash-landed; Prince Caprice, King Vlan and Microscope have come out of the shell and are looking around, scared and tired. There are moon people standing around them: King Cosmos, some guards, civilians and an orchestra. They are in the middle of a party that has just been interrupted. They are all looking at the earth people in shock. Enter Narrator.


Narrator: The shell had crash-landed on the moon, but the travellers arrived in one piece! Their dreams of exploring were halted, by the frightened guards who greeted Caprice. King Cosmos of the moon looked angry, these aliens had interrupted his party. He wanted the men arrested; this welcome was far from hearty.


[Exit Narrator]


King Cosmos: [pointing at the travellers, shouts] seize these intruders!


[As the guards start towards the travellers, Princess Fantasia calls from offstage]


Princess Fantasia: Father…what is all the commotion?


[Enter Princess Fantasia in a hurry. She is dressed up for the party. She stands in between the travellers and the moon people]


King Cosmos: [Turning to the guards] Hold fire for a minute, men. [Turning to his daughter] Fantasia, I’m so sorry my child. These aliens have landed on our moon and ruined your birthday celebrations. I shall have them arrested and deal with them after the festivities are over.


[Prince Caprice steps forward]


Prince Caprice: Please sir, we mean no harm. You see…


King Cosmos: SILENCE!


[Fantasia walks towards her father and places a hand on his arm to calm him down]


Princess Fantasia: Now father, please [gesturing towards the travellers] these men look exhausted and dirty. They say we needn’t fear them. Today is my birthday and as you have taught me, when we grow up we must learn to accept other people, especially those who are different to ourselves. Let us show mercy and invite them to join in our celebrations.


[King Cosmos shifts his gaze from his daughter to the travellers and back to his daughter who he regards in silence]


Moon guard 1: How should we proceed, your majesty?


[King Cosmos turns to his guards]


King Cosmos: Return to your stations in the palace, men! [The guards gasp in surprise but turn, march and exit the stage all the same. King Cosmos turns to the travelling party] Gentlemen, I am King Cosmos of the Moon. This wise and fine lady is my daughter, Princess Fantasia. At her request, I cordially invite you to join me in the royal palace as my guests. We ask that you be open and honest about yourselves and your intentions.


[King Vlan steps forward and bows. Prince Caprice and Microscope also bow]


King Vlan: Greetings kind sir, dear lady. I am King Vlan from the planet earth. I am travelling with my son, Prince Caprice [Prince Caprice steps forward – he is staring straight at the princess] and our companion, Microscope [Microscope timidly steps forward]. Microscope devised our plans that brought us here – he is an acclaimed scholar. We have travelled very far to explore your land and thank you for your kind words of welcome. We shall gladly accept your invitation.


[Princess Fantasia curtsies to the travellers]


King Cosmos: [Clasping his hands loudly with joy] Excellent! [He pauses and stares at Prince Caprice] Prince Caprice, do explain why you stare at my daughter so.


[King Vlan turns and looks at Prince Caprice who is looking at the floor, embarrassed. Princess Fantasia looks at him curiously. King Vlan laughs and turns back to King Cosmos who is eyeing the prince suspiciously]


King Vlan: Do not worry, King Cosmos. I am sure Caprice is simply struck by her beauty. I daresay he is falling in love!


[At this, Prince Caprice looks up at his father, shocked and confused. King Cosmos and Princess Fantasia look panicked]


Prince Caprice: I am not! How could you suggest such a thing father?


[King Cosmos and Fantasia look relieved]


King Cosmos: Love? [He and the princess laugh] oh, how you jest! We also have this disease on our moon – take care, Prince Caprice, the only cure for this ‘love’ is to be locked up in our cells or pushed into our volcano! Now, let us return to the palace. Prince Caprice, accompany my daughter. She will answer any questions you have about our world…and try not to stare too hard boy! [To King Vlan, who is looking nervous]  Let’s go to the palace, I wish to hear all about your planet. And bring your man too.


[As Microscope starts forward, he stages a whisper to Prince Caprice, placing his hand by his mouth]


Microscope: [So only Prince Caprice and the audience can hear] Tread carefully, Prince Caprice – the rules up here seem to be very different to those we are accustomed to.


[Exit King Vlan, King Cosmos and Microscope. Caprice turns away from the princess and looks at the remains of the shell they arrived in. Princess Fantasia slowly approaches the prince]


Princess Fantasia: What troubles you, Prince Caprice?


[Prince Caprice turns and stares at Princess Fantasia, shocked that she is closer and takes a step back]


Prince Caprice: I do believe I underestimated the difficulties of this voyage.


Princess Fantasia: [Smiling] do not worry – I believe we will become fast friends! And your transport is ruined, so the only way now is forward! Let’s go; you have much to learn.


Prince Caprice: [Looking worried] Yes, I suppose I do


[The horn player steps forward to play as the music starts and Prince Caprice and Princess Fantasia exit the stage. As the high-pitched music starts, the flutist steps forward and plays with the rest of the orchestra. Enter Narrator, King Vlan, Microscope, King Cosmos, Prince Caprice, Princess Fantasia. They stand in a line across the stage]


Narrator: What fate awaits our daring prince? Only time will tell. He has never been in love, and now has dangerously fallen for this ‘mademoiselle’.


King Vlan: Well, that is a story for another time. At this moment there is much to reflect; firstly, we must all follow our dreams, and treat other peoples’ desires with respect.


Microscope: Secondly, stand up to what you believe in, and persevere until the job is done. Who knows – along the way, you could have a lot of fun!


King Cosmos: Do not fear the unknown, although it’s always best to keep your eyes open wide. Accept others for their differences, and wear your uniqueness with pride.


Prince Caprice: And if you do follow a dream, be aware that times may get tough. It may take time to achieve your goal, keep at it even when you’ve had enough.


Princess Fantasia: Travelling to the moon in a cannon is an impossible idea – I know! But authors of their own stories can turn the impossible into a show.


Narrator: So here ends the first part of our story, part two has been left for your creation. Anything could happen up there on the moon and you’ll find the answer in your imagination. 

Recommended Music

Recommended pieces of music – new pieces to be added Nov 14

The links below will take you to recommended pieces of music that can be played during colouring activities, or set as the YouTube Class or Homework activity. You must have a link to the Internet to play these pieces and clicking on a link will redirect you to YouTube. To set them as a homework, you will have to send the URL ( of each YouTube link home to parents or guardians. Alternatively the exercise can be done in class in a group or set individually. They are pieces played by instruments learned in class and are listed in alphabetical order. The title of each piece is above the video and the answers for the activity sheets are below each video link on this page. If there are children who would like a challenging piece, the word (Hard) will be written next to the title of the music. In these pieces, there may be many different moods throughout the piece, or the number of instruments may be harder to count, or the tempo may change. A child attempting a challenging piece can mark answers on the back of their activity sheet in a format advised by their teacher. A hard piece can also be worked on in a big group; the teacher can ask questions about tempo, number of instruments, mood and colour of instruments, and children can call out answers. Make sure to ask the children why they have chosen their answers and what the music reminds them of and makes them feel e.g. going on holiday, falling over, being extremely happy. NB: if you would like more recommended music, please contact the SymbolSmash team via email (found in the support section)


Chopin Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op.65

Colours: Brown

No. of Cellos: 1

Tempo: Fast

Mood: Angry, Sad, Worried


Mendelssohn – Song without words Op.109

Colours: Brown

No. of Cellos: 1

Tempo: Slow

Mood: Calm, Sad, Thoughtful



Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2

Colours: Silver

No. of Flutes: 1

Tempo: Slow (with a fast ending)

Mood: Calm, Dreamy, Happy (Angry when the music turns fast at the end)


Bach – Sonata in A Minor (HARD)

Colours: Silver

No. of Flutes: 1

Tempo: Fast (After 5 minutes the piece becomes slow. At the 9 minute mark the piece is fast again)

Mood: Bouncy, Sad, Surprised (the piece alternates between Happy and Sad often but remains Bouncy and Surprised until the piece changes tempo after 5 minutes and then becomes Calm, Sad and Thoughtful. When the tempo changes again at 9 minutes, the piece becomes Bouncy, Sad, Surprised and Worried. A few minutes later, the Sad changes to Happy and then back to Sad)


French Horn

Beethoven Sonata No.17 Allegro Moderato

Colours: Gold

No. of French Horns: 1

Tempo: Fast 

Mood: Dreamy, Excited, Happy (later on in the music, there is a section where it turns Sad and then becomes Happy again.)


Mozart Concerto #1 in D

Colours: Gold

No. of French Horns: 1

Tempo: Fast

Mood: Bouncy, Excited, Happy, 



Albrecht Mayer et Helene Grimaud Op. 94

Colours: Black & Silver

No. of Oboes: 1

Tempo: Slow

Mood: Dreamy, Thoughtful, Sad


Mozart Oboe Concerto – Allegro Aperto Orchestra

Colours: Black & Silver

No. of Oboes: 1 solo (there are two others in the Orchestra, so the answer of 3 is acceptable)

Tempo: Fast

Mood: Bouncy, Excited, Happy



Schubert – Serenade


Colours: Brown

No. of Violins: 1 (there are others shown in the orchestra but they are not being played)

Tempo: Slow

Mood: Dreamy, Sad, Thoughtful


Vivaldi – The Four Seasons Spring (HARD)

Colours: Brown

No. of Violins: 1 solo, a quartet on the right (4) and 7 on the left (An answer of 10+ is acceptable)

Tempo: Fast (in the middle of the piece, the music turns slower and then becomes faster, and then slower, then faster again. The music will continue to alternate in this fashion and the child will have to mark how many times)

Mood: Bouncy, Excited, Happy, Surprised (there is a section where the music turns Sad and Worried before repeating the first set of emotions. The music changes again later on and becomes Sad, Thoughtful. It changes once again after this to Dreamy, Happy and Surprised, then back to Sad and Thoughtful, then Bouncy and Happy. The music will continue to alternate in this fashion and the child will have to mark how many times)


At SymbolSmash Ltd, we aim to inspire young children with a love for classical music in a fun, stimulating environment. Based on our iPad app-venture, “Voyage to the Moon”, we have produced a 12-week lesson pack with many cross-curricular learning opportunities (KS2). The Voyage to the Moon music follows the story of the enchanting Prince Caprice, and his dream to leave his dull palace life and journey into unknown adventures on the moon. Pupils will be introduced to basic musical symbols and notation as they follow Prince Caprice, Crescendo Croc, Cedric Cello on their journey to space. The SymbolSmash Lesson Packs encourage children to become more confident and build on skills that will help them in all areas of future learning in every subject, and in the home. During the lessons, students will be encouraged to:

  • Concentrate, communicate and coordinate
  • Think creatively
  • Work well with others
  • Use literacy and math skills
  • Question ideas and build on stock of knowledge
  • The lessons are for teachers of 7 to 11-year-olds in England. This content is flexible, allowing for differentiation


As a teacher, there is no need for a background in musical education to teach or understand the content within the lessons. They can be taught to classes both small and large – from 3-20 kids or more! A selection of the lessons can employ the use of a box of untuned instruments – this includes drums, bells, shakers etc. but if they are not accessible, this will not hinder the lesson. If tuned instruments are available, they are welcome but not necessary.


Each lesson (30 mins-1 hour) addresses multiple skill areas of the KS1 curriculum and assesses these skills while focusing on one aspect from the music – be it a symbol, instrument, storyline or person. You may choose to run the lessons over any given period of time, whether they are consecutive days, weekly etc. They can also be administered during rainy recess or after school. Teachers can read through the packs beforehand and decide which lessons to use and also which features within the lessons to use. In each lesson Overview & Preparation section, there is a list of Curriculum links that advise how that lesson is linked to other subjects. The teacher can find more information on these by going to the Curriculum section on the navigation bar, and these will also provide great additional information to bring extra colour to the classes. 


This pack provides:

  • 12 lesson plans, with links to the curriculum, in-class activities, extra activities for advanced students and homework plans
  • Resources – images and activity sheets to be photocopied as well as video clips to aid teacher preparation and music in MP3 format to be used within the lessons
  • Email contacts to ask for support from directors at SymbolSmash Ltd


 Thank you and we hope you enjoy using SymbolSmash!


Lesson 3 – Lesson Resources

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.42Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 13.46.24 Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 13.45.21CrescendoScreen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.56.54Lesson 8 Picture 2

Lesson 4 – Lesson Resources

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 13.38.21Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.42CrescendoScreen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.03Lesson.1, Picture.3Cello-TPcelloCello-3 Homworksheet 3 Staves 2-2Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.17.00

Lesson 5 – Lesson Resources

Homworksheet 4 Futuristic ideas Love Freedom Family Ties Offenbach History (2) Offenbach History inspirationScreen Shot 2014-06-02 at 13.45.21Lesson 5 Picture 2

Lesson 6 – Lesson Resources

Youtube sheet_French HornScreen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.03Lesson 6 Picture 2French Horn Cut-outLesson 6 Picture 4 & 5Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 16.36.40Achievment Chart-2

Lesson 7 – Lesson Resources

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.03Lesson 7 Picture 2Lesson 7 Picture 3Lesson 7 Picture 4Staves 3-2Rythm Chart Instructions 1 Rythm Chart Instructions 2

Lesson 8 – Lesson Resources

Lesson 3 Picture 3Lesson 8 Picture 3Forte Activity 1CrescendoScreen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.03Blank Page Homworksheet 5