School Assembly

At each level there is a school assembly/concert for the children to perform and demonstrate what they have learned. We have provided an excerpt (up to the end of the first chorus) from each one for the purpose of this trial pack (see below) – the full plays will be made available upon purchase of the full pack.


  1. EYFS
  2. KS1
  3. KS2
  4. Full School Concert (must check this out!) N-Y6

Scroll down the page to see excerpts from short versions of the plays



Conductor – this is a teacher


King Vlan

Prince Caprice

Princess Fantasia

Rest of the actors to be the musicians/orchestra – they will each need to have decorated one of the cut out instruments that can be found in lessons 2, 6 & 10, and also all of them to decorate the flute (see lesson 12).

NB: untuned instruments will be used in this concert


Music Plays


[The curtain rises to reveal the conductor who is standing in front of a crowd of musicians, all holding their cut out instruments they have designed (lessons 2,6,10). King Vlan and Prince Caprice and standing on either side of the conductor. The conductor has one of each of the cut out instruments on the floor next to him (except the violin of which he has three). The conductor is holding a baton and as the music plays, he waves his baton at the orchestra who start ‘playing’ their instruments. The music stops and the conductor spreads his arms wide and low on either side of his body – this is to direct the musicians to stop moving and sit down on the floor. The conductor then turns to face the audience]

Conductor: Here is our royal orchestra; they’ve come to play a tune. Their favourite piece of music is called ‘Voyage to the Moon’. We’re at a royal party and King Vlan has invited them to play [points at King Vlan]. The party is for his son Prince Caprice [points at Prince Caprice] and we will hear his tale today.

Conductor: King Vlan removes his golden crown from the top of his head [King Vlan takes off his crown]. He holds it out towards his son; [King Vlan extends the crown towards Prince Caprice] he wants him to be the king instead!

[The conductor turns back to the musicians and gasps. The musicians also all gasp in shock. The conductor turns back to the audience]

Conductor: Prince Caprice was very scared; this was the last thing he expected.

Prince Caprice: [Shouts] No, no, no!

Conductor: He had come to tell his father about a new life plan he had selected.

[The conductor turns and beckons to Prince Caprice who starts walking towards King Vlan and stops in front of the conductor. The conductor turns back towards the musicians and holds up the cut out French Horn. The music starts and the conductor speaks the next part timed to the music before the chorus]


Conductor: The French Horns got ready to play [anyone who is holding a cut out of a French Horn holds it up] as Prince Caprice revealed his idea. He wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear. [The conductor puts down the cut out and so do the horn players so that everyone can sing and perform the actions of the chorus together. All of the musicians stand up. Prince Caprice and King Vlan turn and face the audience]

Everyone: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops. The musicians sit down and the conductor turns back to face the audience]



Separate the year group into the following roles:


Orchestra: for each instrument you can have 1 or 2 musicians


Horn player





Prince Caprice

Princess Fantasia

King Vlan

King Cosmos


Builder 1

Builder 2


Moon Guards (x5)


Rest of the pupils to be party guests who each have an untuned instrument


Roles for teachers:


Conductor for the orchestra

Conductor for the party guests


Music plays


The curtain rises revealing a party at the royal palace in honour of Prince Caprice who has just returned home from traveling. There are many party guests who are sitting on the left of the stage playing their untuned instruments and being directed by the first conductor and his baton. On the right of the stage is the royal orchestra who are playing their instruments and being directed by the second conductor and his baton. Prince Caprice and his father, King Vlan are in the centre of the stage. The narrator is standing at the back of the stage. The music stops and the scene freezes.

Narrator: Caprice is a very adventurous Prince who is bored of palace life. [Prince Caprice waves] His father wants him to take the crown and to settle down with a wife. [King Vlan waves] King Vlan has held a party and there is lots of music for everyone to play. Now we’re going to hear the tale of what took place in the palace that day.

[King Vlan takes off his crown and gives it to the prince who throws it on the floor. The party guests and orchestra gasp in shock. The king looks flabbergasted. Prince Caprice turns speaks to the audience]

Prince Caprice: I do not want to be the king!

Orchestra Conductor: [To the orchestra] let’s play some music to help break the tension.

[The flautist(s) and violinist(s) step forward and turn towards the prince]

Orchestra Conductor: [To the flautist] what instrument are you going to play?

Flautist: The flute

Orchestra Conductor: [To the violinist] what instrument are you going to play?

Violinist: The violin

[The orchestra conductor holds up a Piano sign and turns to the two musicians]

Orchestra Conductor: Please play your music in piano [says piano in a loud whisper]. Does piano me LOUD or soft?

Violinist and Flautist: Soft

[The music starts and the flautist plays, the violin then joins in. The music stops. King Vlan turns to the prince]


King Vlan: This is unacceptable! Why will you not be the king?

[The violinist and flautist step back to their places in the orchestra. Now the horn player steps forward]

Narrator: Prince Caprice dreamed of swordfights, he loved exploring the land. If he were to become the King then his adventures would come to a stand. The French Horn got ready to play as Caprice revealed his idea, he wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear.

Orchestra Conductor: [To the horn player] what instrument are you going to play?

Horn Player: The French Horn

[The music starts. The French Horn plays and everyone except the horn player sings the chorus and performs the actions as seen in the video for lesson one preparation]

Everyone: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops]

King Vlan: Utter nonsense!

Prince: Please listen!

[The music starts. The French Horn plays and everyone except the horn player sings]


Everyone: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops]

King Vlan: [Shaking his head] oh dear! What am I to do?



If done as a whole school assembly…

KS2 students to narrate

EYFS sing solo – they are

KS1 students play cut out French Horns during chorus while EYFS sing

KS2 students conduct both EYFS students during the choruses

EYFS play untuned instruments as the orchestra plays

Otherwise all parts can be played by KS2 students




King Vlan


Party guests

Orchestra – x8 ( or as many as required)

Prince Caprice

Village people


Scientists x2

King Cosmos

Moon guards

Princess Fantasia

Moon guard 1




Music plays


The curtain rises revealing a welcome home party for Prince Caprice in the grand hall in the royal palace. The King is sitting on his throne, his steward by his side and there are party guests around him chatting to each other whilst the orchestra are playing their instruments: a flautist, an oboe player, a horn player, two violinists and two cellists. There is also a conductor leading the orchestra. The music trails off and the orchestra stops playing. Enter Prince Caprice looking surprised. As he arrives, the party guests stop talking, turn to face him and start clapping his arrival. The scene freezes and on walks the narrator.

Narrator: There once was a man called Prince Caprice, he was very handsome and brave. Extremely bored of palace life, it’s an adventure that he craved.

[Exit narrator. King Vlan gets up and walks over to his son and gives him a brief hug]

King Vlan: Welcome home Caprice! I hope you had a marvellous time getting to know the citizens of our country.

Prince Caprice: Thank you dad, yes it was interesting to meet all the different kinds of people.

[Indicating to the people in the room]

What is the meaning of this grand party?

King Vlan: Oh yes! I have some extremely exciting news!

[He looks around him and beckons to his steward who comes towards them holding a rolled up parchment. The parchment is passed to the King and then the steward bows to both of the royals before taking a step back. Then he addresses the room]

Steward: Esteemed guests, if you could please hold the celebrations for a moment longer, King Vlan of France would like to make an announcement

King Vlan: My royal subjects, it has given me great pleasure to serve as your King. You all know my son, Prince Caprice. We have all watched with pride as he has grown into a fine man. His recent travels have taken him all around our country, where he has connected with many others who make up our society. As my 50th year of ruling is nearly over, I would like to celebrate by stepping down and passing on the crown to my son, Prince Caprice, future king of France.

[There are gasps of surprise from the Prince and the guests in the hall as the King takes off his crown and holds it out for his son. Prince Caprice takes a step back. The music begins to play and the narrator speaks timed to the music]


Narrator: Prince Caprice began to fret; this was the last thing he expected. He had come home to tell his father, about a new life plan he had selected. The French Horn got ready to play as Caprice revealed his idea, he wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear.

[The music stops. Exit narrator. The horn player comes to the front of the stage to stand next to the prince. The music plays]


Prince Caprice: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops and the horn player returns to his place in the orchestra. Everyone on the stage except the Prince and the horn player start laughing, thinking the Prince is making a joke]

King Vlan: [smiling] Oh Caprice, you are terribly funny! Going to the moon! What a wild imagination you have! You will do wonders with this country!




Full School Concert:

Full School Concert


Solo Roles: 

These include vocal solos and the most lines to remember. It is advised to select older pupils.

  1. Prince Caprice
  2. Princess Fantasia
  3. King Vlan
  4. King Cosmos
  5. Queen Popotte
  6. Microscope
  7. Sheet holder
  8. Orchestra – each ‘member’ is going to narrate the concert in turn. Up to 10 members (between 1-2 for each instrument) and the Conductor


Moon People:

  1. Melody
  2. Groucho – the head of the Moon Guard
  3. Beam
  4. Galaxy
  5. 2 Moon Children – could be year 1 or 2 kids
  6. 4 Moon Drinkers – Orbit, Satellite, Crescent, Gismo
  7. The 3 ladies with shopping bags – Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
  8. The Moon Guards x6
  9. 4 Music Students – could be year 4’s – Rocko, Corosol, Gem and Flicky
  10. Moon Doctor – Dr. Dissect


Nursery and Reception

Have the nursery and reception kids sitting along the front but not on the stage all with untuned instruments. Teacher or older child in front of them to instruct.


Year 1

Instruments and symbols


Year 2

Instruments and symbols


Year 3

Singers – can give one or two solo lines from the songs

Jacques Offenbach


Year 4

Singers – can give one or two solo lines from the songs

Party guests

4 music students – Rocko, Corosol, Gem and Flicky


Year 5 (and 6 potentially)

Orchestra members


Palace servants x4

Lab technicians x3

Moon Dancers – A selection of students, perhaps from years 5 and 6, will perform a dance. In Rehearsals they should select a piece of classical music to choreograph their dance to. They can choose any piece of classical music. Please direct them to selections from the recommended music section to give them ideas, and they can then browse through YouTube to find something suitable. You can also contact us if you would like a specific recommendation.  


The scene is set in 1875




Curtain rises. Year 2 pupils are spread over the stage. 8 pupils should have a poster hanging around their neck, each with a different letter spelling the word ‘AUDIENCE’. Nursery and Reception pupils sit on the floor in front of the stage, ready for the next few scenes. 



[Music plays]


Year 2: [singing The Role of the Audience]



Who are you?

Looking at me?

Who are you?

You must be the audience

Here’s what you should do



Always listen


Don’t forget to clap your hands

Instruments play loud and clear

Ears bring music that you hear


Come and watch us in our play

Each member, shout hooray!



Louder please, what did you say?

Come on and shout – HURRAY! (hold up sheet saying hurray)


Curtain goes down, Year 2 pupils exit the stage. 






Curtain rises. Year 3 pupils split into two groups, one on each side of the stage. In the middle are a desk and a chair. There is a poster on the desk with the words ‘Voyage to the Moon’ on it, and also a pen on the desk.


[Music plays]


Year 3: [singing Oh Jacques Offenbach]



There once was a man named Jacques [stamp stamp]

What a jolly chap [clap clap]

He liked pranks and jokes cause he was a fun bloke

Oh Jacques Offenbach [stamp clap]


Enter Jacques Offenbach who waves at the audience and goes to sit at the desk. During verse 2 he pretends to write on the poster.



One day Jacques did decide [stamp stamp]

To get off his backside [clap clap]

For the world he did write, music each day and night

Oh Jacques Offenbach [stamp clap]



What we bring to you today [stamp stamp]

Is a marvellous display [clap clap]

Of an Offenbach piece, welcome to the release of

Voyage to the Moon! [arms do upward rocket movement and finish in big circle]


Jacques Offenbach holds up the poster to the audience when the last line is sung.


Nursery and reception play instruments on the word Moon!


[Music stops. Song FINISH]


Exit Year 3 pupils 


Jacques Offenbach: Thank you all for coming, there’s so much we have to share. The show we will present to you is quite beyond compare. Just a quick foreword so you understand it better, I originally created the show as an operetta. We are all born with an instrument – indeed, I mean the ‘voice’. We’ll sing songs to tell the story – I know, what a good choice! So thank you for your patience. Now it’s time for me to go! Without further ado…let’s get on with the show!


Exit Jacques Offenbach





Scene opens in the palace ballroom. There are chairs in the centre at the back of the stage for the orchestra, and a podium for the conductor. There is a throne on the far right of the stage. The orchestra members enter the stage with their instruments. They stand in the centre at the front of the stage and face the audience.


[Music plays]


Orchestra: [singing the Royal Orchestra]



We are the royal orchestra

Musicians in a band

Our instruments are special

Their music is grand



We’re at the royal palace where

King Vlan has invited us to play

Now we will tell the tale

Of what will take place in the palace today


[Music stops. Song FINISH]

The orchestra members take their seats at the back of the stage.


Orchestra member 1: While setting up our instruments and warming up to sing, we were the first to hear a rehearsal of an announcement from the king.


Enter King Vlan from the left. He marches to the front of the left side of the stage, turns and faces the audience.


King Vlan: My name is King Vlan, and I have a plan, to give up my crown,


Orchestra member 2: He said


King Vlan: It’s hard being King when you’re a tired old thing – so it’s time to take my crown off my head. You will soon meet my son as his travelling is done, and I will step down to pass him the throne. He will hear what I say at the party today, where I will make this publically known. [He turns and faces the orchestra]


The orchestra stands and bows to the King


Orchestra member: Welcome, your majesty! We will make this party come alive!


King Vlan: I hope that you’re ready to play! The guests are about the arrive!


[The orchestra musicians exchange worried glances with each other]


Orchestra member: Nearly, your Majesty, we await our conductor.


King Vlan: [Looking confused] A conductor? What’s that?


Orchestra: He’s the leader of the orchestra!


[Music plays]


Orchestra Members: [singing Welcome the Conductor]

Nursery and reception kids to be the conductor – make a song 


Conductor of the orchestra

Please come and take your stand

Conductor of the orchestra

It’s time to lead your band


[Enter the conductor from the right side of the stage. The King and Orchestra turn to face him. He stops at the front on the right. He smiles and bows to the king, then to the audience, then to his orchestra, before taking his place on the podium, facing the audience]



So hold your baton high – [Conductor holds the baton high]

In the air for all to see

Our bells will chime, we’ll keep in time


Conductor: One, two, three! [He moves his baton in the conduct-3 pattern as he says the numbers (down, across and up again), then to hold both hands out to the sides, bow slightly to the audience, straighten up and smile at them]


[Music stops. Song FINISH]


Sheet-holder to hold up ‘applause sign’ to the audience as conductor holds out hands to the sides. Conductor to wave hands slightly, encouraging the audience to applaud. The applause sign is to be held up for 10-20 seconds. The nursery and reception children play their instruments softly. The conductor turns on the podium to face the orchestra. The orchestra musicians pick up their instruments and hold them, ready to ‘play’. King Vlan hurries to sit on his throne. 


Enter Microscope, who stands to the right of the King. The teachers should instruct them to play louder and louder and loudest as the guests come on stage. Enter the party guests who are smiling or laughing (silently). Guests can bow or curtsy to the King who smiles or nods his head in acknowledgment. Once everyone is on stage, they stand in groups of two’s and three’s, but leave a path from the left entrance to the King’s throne that runs along the front of the stage. Everyone freeze once they are in position. 


[Music plays]


The conductor conducts and the orchestra musicians ‘play’ their instruments. The party guests silently chat and laugh amongst themselves. Nursery and reception play instruments softly in time with the music.


[Music stops]


The orchestra stops playing. Enter Prince Caprice. He looks around at the guests in confusion. The guests nearest the prince face him and bow. He marches determinedly along the front of the stage to his father’s throne. As he passes guests, they turn to him and bow. They straighten up and watch.


Microscope: [Stepping forward, taking Prince Caprice’s hand] Welcome back, Prince Caprice. I hope your travels went well!


Prince Caprice: They did indeed, Microscope, I have many stories to tell [Microscope falls back to his position on the right of the throne]


King Vlan: [Leaping up] Caprice, my son, it’s been too long.


Orchestra member 2: The King leapt up and cried


King Vlan: I do hope that you’re back for good, and will maybe find a bride?


Prince Caprice: [Embraces King Vlan so the audience can still see his face. He whispers loudly] Why have you thrown a party? I need to talk to you alone!


King Vlan: [Pulling away from the hug, holding Prince Caprice’s arms and smiling at him. Loudly] But I needed an audience! It’s time for me to pass you the throne!


Prince Caprice gasps in shock. The party guests start cheering and clapping as the Nursery and Reception class play their instruments loudly. 


King Vlan: [To the guests] And so friends, I present Caprice, my son shall be your king.


Orchestra member: Prince Caprice found his voice and shouted in shock


Prince Caprice: I shall do no such thing!


Orchestra member: The crowd stared and gasped. The King’s anger rose from humiliation. Microscope ushered the guests away to control the situation.


Exit Party Guests


Orchestra member: And now, before we play again to protect Prince Caprice from scorn, we’d like to introduce you to an instrument known as the French Horn


Enter Year 2 pupils. Each has a French horn picture. They take places all over the right side and middle of the stage so that King Vlan, Prince Caprice and Microscope are still visible to the audience. Give them the untuned instruments


Year 2 pupils: I’m Freddy the French horn big and round. My mouthpiece is used to make special sounds. I’ve three gold buttons that can be pressed to make brass sounds that I like best.



[Music plays]


Orchestra member: And so the French horn player got ready to play. His mellow music would help the Prince speak clear. Caprice had a secret dream to travel to the moon, and it was time for his father to hear.


Year 2 pupils pretend to play French horns, dancing in a mellow, slow fashion around the stage, swaying in time with the music (waltzing can be done here). The year 1 students should do this also.


Year 1 pupils can come on with conducting batons and conduct in three time


Prince Caprice: [To King Vlan sings ‘Can you See’]

Can you see?

Up in space

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams

Down on me

I will find a Princess there you’ll see!


[Music stops. Song FINISH]


Year 2 pupils freeze


King Vlan: [bursts out laughing]


Microscope: [laughing too] Oh, good one, Prince Caprice!


[Music plays]


Prince Caprice silently argues with King Vlan. King Vlan and Microscope look worried as the Nursery, Reception and Year 1’s and 2’s sing, ‘Can you See’. 


Nursery, reception and Year 2 pupils: [Sing ‘Can you See’ with the actions] Kids to do conducting

Can you see?

Up in space

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams

Down on me

I will find a Princess there you’ll see!


[Music stops. Song FINISH]


Exit Year 1 and 2 pupils, King Vlan, Microscope and Prince Caprice.


Intelligent Listening Exercises

Excerpt from KS1 teacher’s pack:

For the purposes of this trial pack, we have provided one video and one activity sheet sample:


Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2

Colours: Silver

No. of Flutes: 1

Tempo: Slow (with a fast ending)

Mood: Calm, Dreamy, Happy (Angry when the music turns fast at the end)

Sheet to hand out to class when watching the video:

Flute Homework

Voyage to the Moon Teaching Pack

This programme is based on the piece of music, ‘Voyage to the Moon’, by Jacques Offenbach.

Inset Video (relevant for all year groups/grades):

Contents of inset video:

This is an inset video to run you through the programme. There are interactive exercises throughout the video that will give you the tools to prepare for and lead lessons, and importantly, for:

1) Analysing classical music;

2) Building knowledge of orchestral instruments;

3) Exploring and experimenting with musical notation;

4) Using practical music;

5) Keeping your classes ‘cross-curricular’.


About the Music:



What is the programme about? (NB: trial version uses Key Stage 1 as an example/Years 1 and 2):


About the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music:

Preparing for the lessons:

About the Programme:


Download and print these sheets for your planning:




Lesson 11 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 12 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 10 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 7 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 8 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 9 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack

Lesson 5 – Lesson Resources

10 minute pack