Lesson 11 – Dynamics

Topic 11 explores the ‘symbols and instructions’, connecting universal symbols from everyday life with musical notation. This is the second lesson on ‘dynamics’ or ‘loudness’ in music.

The symbols that will be introduced today are:

  • Forte or f (pronounced for-tay) = loud
  • Piano or p (pronounced p-yar-no) = quiet/soft

The ‘f’ and ‘p’ symbols appear on music and instruct musicians to play their instruments loudly (f) or sofly (p).

In this lesson, you will:

  • Examine the purpose of universal symbols that provide instructions, both in music and everyday situations.
  • Develop knowledge of different ‘dynamics’ and apply this knowledge through study of the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music.
  • Build on composition and improvisation skills in relation to ‘rhythm’‘dynamics’, and ‘notation’.

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