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There are 6 exercises to complete during Lesson 9.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class.
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

1. Introduce the Topic: Consolidation & the Flute:
Instead of a discussion today, we’re going to jump right into learning about the flute.
2. Recap on Instrument Timbres Part 1:
Recap on all timbres by testing the class using different recordings
Discuss differences in timbre between the flute and oboe
Order of clips in next column:
1) Oboe
2) Violin
3) Flute
4) Cello
5) French horn


3. Recap on Instrument Timbres Part 2:

Play the clip of the final chorus and verse – as they play, discuss pitch etc. with the class, and discuss what instruments are playing.


4. Independent Exercise: What Can You Hear?:

Resources to bring for this activity:

  • A printed copy of the observation sheet for each pupil
  • Writing Equipment
Then play the clip with the narration and have the pupils fill in the observation sheet
slide3 slide4 slide5 slide6
5. Become the Narrator!:

Resources to bring to this activity:

  • A copy of the lyrics/narration for the final chorus and verse.
Read through the lyrics and narration with the class out loud.

Discuss how you can reflect ‘tone’ and ‘intonation’ of the music with your voices e.g. speak dreamily during the narration.

Practice in small groups without the music and then with the music.

Each group to perform with the music to the rest of the class – try to keep in time with narration.


Independent Composing Exercise:

Resources to bring to this activity:

  • Oboes and Violins from previous lessons
  • Copy of final chorus and verse text.
  • Pages of manuscript for each pupil
  • A copy of the beat sheet for each pupil
Rewrite the lyrics of the final chorus
Create your own music for the final verse. You will need to write down the music
on manuscript and decide what instruments will be playing – you just need the
beats etc. use the instruments you have created to do this


Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 09.02.56

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