Preparation: Circle Time


There are 9 suggested activities below for the teacher to complete in order to prepare for teaching the Circle Time ‘lesson content’ – alternatively, click on the ‘open slideshow’ button in the top right corner of the page, to view the activities one-by-one (move with arrows)

1. Welcome Song:
Decide how to welcome each child to the Circle Time. Practice your welcome.  

  • You may use a ‘welcome’ song that you are familiar with; or,  
  • You can choose to say ‘good morning’ to each child individually; or,  
  • You may use our ‘welcome’ song. 
 2. Discussion: ‘Favourite Stories & Songs’:
Prepare for a discussion about ‘favourite stories & songs’.

  • Prepare questions 
  • Prepare visual clues 
  • Prepare questions to prompt the children to share information about their favourite stories and songs, including characters, words, tunes, visual descriptions etc.  
  • You may wish to prompt answers by suggesting familiar nursery rhymes, songs or books. In this case, prepare one or two examples to share with the class.  
3. Definition: Learn the definition and role of a musical ‘composer’

  • Definition: a composer is a writer of music
 4. Storybook:
Click here to read the story to become familiar with it (only part of the story is available in this trial).
  • While you read the story, listen to the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music, which you can find in the storybook tab to become familiar with it
  • Take note of key characters, musical concepts and events within the story. Information on characters explored in this topic can be found in the ‘further information & tips tab’ for this lesson 
 5. The Composer:
Become familiar with Jacques Offenbach, the composer of ‘Voyage to the Moon’

  • Watch the short video about Offenbach’s life
  • Read more information in the ‘further information and tips’ section for this topic
 6. Resources:
For the lesson you must CREATE:

  • A flag (colour the printable A4 flag, glue a stick to it so you can wave it)
  • A colourful rocket

And bring these to the lesson to use as examples

You must also bring:

  • Paper and coloured crayons for each child.   
  • Simple picture outlines of a rocket, flag, etc for the children to copy/colour as a free activity 
  • The storybook (to print and keep for all lessons)  
  • [optional] video of Offenbach’s life – you will need an Internet connection for this 



Flag A4 sheet print out Video on Offenbach’s life: 
7. Lesson Aims & Content:
Read through and become familiar with:
 8. Key Vocabulary:
Become familiar with the key words for this topic, and make sure pronunciation is correct  
Character names (royal family):
Jacques Offenbach:

Voyage to the Moon:

 9. MUSIC FOR LESSON: Make sure you have all required clips of music ready to play for the Circle Time. You will need an Internet connection to play these. They can be played through the portal.

Verse 3 of ‘Voyage to the Moon’:

‘Voyage to the Moon’ – full recording: