Reception Assembly (short)

Stage setup:

Left: On the left side of stage (when facing audience) should be the palace on earth Centre Stage: place chairs in a semi-circle facing the audience (one for each child). Right: On the right side – the palace on the moon.

TIP: Hang stars from the ceiling to create the illusion of the night sky. The semi circle where the children are sitting should in the middle of the stage, as they will be the ‘orchestra’.


Adult Pupils (speaking parts) Other Pupils
  Conductor  Prince Caprice Orchestra members
  2 Helpers/ assistants – dressed  in black on each side of the stage  King Vlan
 Queen Antoinette
 Princess Fantasia



Casting Tips Suggested Props
 When casting the different roles, the adult should give the children the choice of what role they would like to play e.g. King, Queen etc. Orchestra members: They will each need to have decorated cut outs of the instruments. Cut-outs of instruments should be laminated – cut and stick on card paper before laminating – each group of instruments have their own coloured card e.g. violins red, etc. in order for children to understand different instrument groups – just like musicians are grouped in an orchestra.
As the teacher you should have an idea of your classes confidence levels and who would be comfortable playing each role. Costume – dress to impress! Party wear, dress up – for comfort and magic
Percussion instruments for each child, conducting batons etc.
Print out each name on the chairs with instrument underneath and name on back of own instrument. This will help with name recognition and also personal boundaries.

NB: untuned instruments will be used in this concert.

Scene 1: Welcome the Parents

Conductor: ‘Over the year we have been working on a new musical project, from SymbolSmash, about a piece of music by Jacques Offenbach called “Voyage To The Moon”. The children have been learning musical theory and have been working really hard. We really hope you enjoy the show! You should be very proud of your children who can’t wait to share with you their musical journey.

Throughout the term we have been going on a fabulous musical journey to the moon and back – and your little stars will indeed shine bright.’


Scene 2: Party at the Palace

[The curtain rises to reveal the conductor who is standing in front of a crowd of musicians, all holding their cut out instruments they have designed (lessons 2,6,10). King Vlan and Prince Caprice and standing on either side of the conductor. The conductor has one of each of the cut out instruments on the floor next to him (except the violin of which he has three).]


[The conductor is holding a baton and as the music plays, he waves his baton at the orchestra who start ‘playing’ their instruments]


[The music stops and the conductor spreads his arms wide and low on either side of his body – this is to direct the musicians to stop moving and sit down on the floor. The conductor then turns to face the audience]


Conductor: Here is our royal orchestra; they’ve come to play a tune. Their favourite piece of music is called ‘Voyage to the Moon’. We’re at a royal party and King Vlan has invited them to play [points at King Vlan]. The party is for his son Prince Caprice [points at Prince Caprice] and we will hear his tale today.


Conductor: King Vlan removes his golden crown from the top of his head [King Vlan takes off his crown]. He holds it out towards his son; [King Vlan extends the crown towards Prince Caprice] he wants him to be the king instead!

[The conductor turns back to the musicians and gasps. The musicians also all gasp in shock. The conductor turns back to the audience]

Conductor: Prince Caprice was very scared; this was the last thing he expected.

Prince Caprice: [Shouts] No, no, no!

Conductor: He had come to tell his father about a new life plan he had selected.

[The conductor turns and beckons to Prince Caprice who starts walking towards King Vlan and stops in front of the conductor. The conductor turns back towards the musicians and holds up the cut out French Horn. The music starts and the conductor speaks the next part timed to the music before the chorus]

Everyone: French Horn poem – teacher and kids can join in with either words, actions or both:

‘Im Freddy the French Horn, big and round
you blow me to make my special sound
I have 3 gold buttons that can be pressed
to make brass sounds that I like best!’


Conductor: The French Horns got ready to play [anyone who is holding a cut out of a French Horn holds it up] as Prince Caprice revealed his idea. He wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear. [The conductor puts down the cut out and so do the horn players so that everyone can sing and perform the actions of the chorus together. All of the musicians stand up. Prince Caprice and King Vlan turn and face the audience]


Everyone to sing: ‘The Prince’s Song’

Recording: Piano & Vocals:
 Recording: Piano Only:
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 15.06.29

[The music stops. The musicians’ sit down and the conductor turns back to face the audience] 

Conductor: King Vlan wondered what he should say, and in the end decided to laugh

King Vlan: HA HA HA

Conductor: But our prince refused to let his father tear his dreams apart. The King approached his son [King Vlan walks up to Prince Caprice] and handed him his crown [King Vlan hands Prince Caprice his crown]. The Prince threw it across the floor in anger and made the King stamp his feet and frown

[Prince Caprice throws the crown across the stage angrily and the King stamps his feet and frowns. The conductor turns towards the musicians and gasps – they copy him. He picks up the three cut out of the violin and bow and hands two of them to each the Prince and the King. He then returns to face the musicians and holds his cut out in the air. The musicians with violins and bows copy him]


Conductor: Such commotion and excitement – we need music to match this din! Let’s play high-pitched, quick sounds – [waving the violin] what’s this instrument?

Everyone: The violin!

‘I am Violet the Violin, I like to rest under your chin
my sounds are high, my body is small
so pick me up, with bow and all!’

[The music plays and everyone holding a cut-out of the violin and bow ‘play’ along with the conductor. Those without a violin mime the actions with their hands]

[As the music is about to get louder/crescendo the conductor shouts…]

Conductor: The music is getting gradually louder…this is called a…

Everyone: Crescendo!

[The music stops and everyone holds their hands high in the air]

Conductor: And now we’ll stop our playing to see where the prince and king go.

[Everyone lowers their arms. The conductor collects the cut outs from the Prince and King and places them on the floor. The King gives Prince Caprice a hug. The conductor turns to face the audience]


Conductor: Vlan has now accepted that Caprice is not ready to be king. He wants to hear the plan again, so as the French Horns play we will all sing.

[The king and prince break apart and face the audience. The conductor turns back to face the musicians and the music plays.]

Everyone to Sing: The Prince’s Song

[The music stops. Prince Caprice and King Vlan move to the far left side of the stage and sit on the floor. The conductor brings two of the musicians to the front and has them stand in the positions of becoming a cellist and a cello facing the audience (see video below for instructions). Everyone freezes as the conductor faces the audience]

Conductor: And so it was decided that the Prince would go and explore space. Now all that was needed was to design a mode of travel that was safe. The king was worried – see this was in the 1800’s and space travel was yet to come. Meet our cello [points at the ‘cello’] and our cellist [points at the cellist] who will play their minor music for the kingdom

[The music plays and the conductor instructs the musicians to put their fingers on their lips and then conducts the movements of the cello and cellist. The music stops and the cello and cellist return to their place in the orchestra]

Conductor: As the cello’s anxious music began to hit a brighter note, we discover that travel methods had been put to a vote. And so the prince was to be shot to the sky in an extremely large shell. We’ll play happy music for Prince Caprice as the busy builders get their tools in tell.

[The music plays and teachers come on stage to hand out untuned instruments (and take the cut out ones in) to each of the musicians, the conductor and the Prince and King. As soon as a musician receives an instrument he should start moving around the stage in three beats (can dance) playing it along with the conductor who is shouting the number of beats (1-2-3, 1-2-3), quietly and then with a crescendo as the crescendo plays. As the crescendo finishes and the music quietens to a stop, everyone should freeze. The prince exits the stage]


Conductor: Everyone look up at the sky! [Pointing up at the sky and the musicians copy him]. The shell is on its’ way, let’s wave and shout ‘goodbye’!

Everyone: [Waving at the sky] goodbye Prince Caprice!

[The Conductor gets everyone to move to the back of the stage and sit down in a crowd with King Vlan at the front. Teachers come and collect the untuned instruments and give each child and the conductor a rolled up flute. The conductor faces the audience.]


Conductor: We watched the prince’s shell fly through the air. Let’s sing with the oboe to hope he gets there!

[The conductor turns back to face the musicians and the music starts]


Everyone Sings: similar tune to the chorus (“Prince’s Song”):

Can you see?

There’s the moon

Prince Caprice will reach there very soon [Enter Prince Caprice]

Adventure starts

This is true

They’ll be best friends

Through and through

[The music stops and the conductor holds up his flute]


Conductor: Everyone please hold up your flutes [musicians hold up their flutes] let’s move them to the side, and blow small breaths in the mouthpiece to make our flute sounds glide. For Prince Caprice has landed safely and Princess Fantasia has become his friend. We’ll play our beautiful music, wishing them a lovely life and a happy end.

[The music plays and everyone ‘plays’ their flutes whilst the prince and princess dance around the stage. The music stops and everyone stands up and takes a bow]

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