Lesson 1: Let’s Meet the Composer of the Music!

The overall idea of topic one is to introduce the children to the key basic elements of Voyage to the Moon; the story, the composer, the Prince’s Song and of course, the music itself!
In Lesson 1, you will:

  • Discuss the concept of ‘Authors’ (writers of stories) & ‘Composers’ (writers of music).
  • Introduce the composer, Jacques Offenbach, and the piece of music – Voyage to the Moon (VTM).
  • Introduce the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ story – engaging in literary discussions to do with scenery and characters.
  • Connect the music and story through imaginative story time.
  • Engage with non-music themes such as ‘space’ and ‘royalty’.
  • Introduce the concept of the orchestra and the instruments that are in the orchestra.

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