Lesson 12: Consolidation

Topic 12 – the final lesson – will consolidate all the information that has been learnt over the last 12 weeks.
This will help solidify the musical theory that has been taught, and complete the literary adventure that the children have gone on with Prince Caprice and his friends.
This lesson varies slightly in structure compared to the previous lessons in the pack; as it is the final lesson the children will recap on all the content that they have been learning throughout the term. This lesson incorporates all seven areas of development within the EYFS.
In lesson 12 you will:

  • Explore the theme of ‘The future’/’growing up’.
  • Explore the story in an interactive manner. Through role-play the children will have the oppurunity to express what they have learnt so far, as well showing their literary, confidence and expressive skills.
  • Throughout this session the group will be able to incorporate all they have learnt about the different instruments, dynamics and components of the piece and the orchestra.
  • VTM music: Whole piece of music

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