Lesson 2: Violet the Violin

Topic 2 concentrates on the themes of teamwork and individual play’. Teamwork is explored through the concept of an Orchestra as a whole. This leads onto ‘individual play’ by focusing on the first of the instruments in the orchestra – the violin.
In lesson 2 you will:

  • Further explore the Orchestra in relation to ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
  • Introduce the violin, discussing its key features (sounds and appearance).
  • Use discussion and performance to respond to activities based on the violin, building skills from the 7 Areas of Development.
  • Explore the role of Violet the Violin in the Voyage to the Moon music and story.
  • Analyse musical features of the violin; ‘pitch’, ‘tone’, ‘timbre’, ‘duration’ and ‘tempo’, whilst studying ‘verse 2’ of Voyage to the Moon.

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