Lesson Content


There are 11 exercises to complete during Lesson 2.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class.
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

1. Welcome Song: Welcome the class with your choice of song Recording: Piano & Vocals:
Recording: Piano Only:
2. Discussion:

Teamwork/group play:

Discuss the word ‘team’ together.

  1. Ask about ‘team’ situations the class have been in e.g. sports, in class, parties etc.
    Write the children’s suggestions on the white board

Discuss any ‘teams’ they are familiar with (e.g. football, etc.)
(Optional – you can put the class in pairs and have them discuss their ideas together before sharing them with the class.)

Ask why they think teamwork and teams are important?

  1. Do they make us stronger?
  2. Learn from others? – Skills that others have and work together to learn from each other/make our work better?

Ask if they think it would be easy for Prince Caprice to travel to the Moon without a team of his friends? Why?

3. Recap
  1. Jacques Offenbach – Who is he?
    (point to picture of Composer)
  2. Key words – instrument and orchestra
    (point to picture of Orchestra)
  3. Discuss what happened in the story last time?(Use pictures to prompt children)
 Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.06.39
4. Explain: Explain that when Jacques Offenbach was writing Prince Caprice’s story, he wanted the instruments in the orchestra and all the other parts of the music, to work together in a team so they could play beautiful music to help Prince Caprice get to the Moon.

Show Violet the Violin picture

Ask the class who is this?

Explain that you are now going to learn about one of Prince Caprice’s friends from the Orchestra.

Ask if anyone has seen her around the class and then point to her on the orchestra sheet.
Does anyone know what instrument it is?

 Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.08.19

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.13.09

5. Violet the Violin Explain that we are going to help Prince Caprice  find his friend Violet the Violin.

Read page 6 of story. As you read the poem, speak with a high pitch and perform the actions.

Explain that Offenbach put the violin in Voyage to the Moon because it was the very first instrument that he learned to play.

How old do they think Offenbach was when he learnt to play? Answer: 6 years old.

Repeat the poem with the children – standing up they can copy your actions.

  • Show the class the violin clips (videos of violinists) of how it is played. 
  • Let them discuss what they thought of its music, the way it is held and also the rest orchestra. (Make sure you discuss in relation to different parts of the violinists body)
  • If a real violin is available, demonstrate the actions to hold and play it, and have the class copy the actions. If not – use the videos.
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 12.11.42


6. Discuss the Violins music in verse 2: Explain that Violet the Violin plays her music all the way through the music (after the Prince’s Song).

Before we find out what happens in the story, as she plays her music, we will listen to her and decide what we think about it.

Think about if it is:
happy or sad, quick or slow, high or low etc.


  • Hand out untuned instruments to each pupils (bells)
  • Play verse 2 of the music as you display the picture.
  • Have the class pretend to play violins, using the ‘bells’ as pretend bows as the music plays.
  • While the music plays, ask questions: “Does the music sound…[e.g. sad or excited]”
  • Sing the Prince’s Song with actions when the chorus plays

7. Untuned Instruments:
  1. Hand out untuned instruments to each child.
  2. The class should play excitedly alongside the Violin’s music, holding their instruments high in the air to match the ‘high-pitch’ of the violins.
8. Read the Story: Explain that Violet plays really exciting music that will help make the king very excited. Because of her music, everyone will want to help the prince get to the moon – so they run around making plans and packing.

Read page 7 of the story

 Page 7
9. Discussion:
  1. What happened in the story?
  2. Ask the children what they think the prince should pack in his suitcase?
    1. Write down different items that the children suggest.
      You can prompt them by asking what they would take with them on a trip and because the journey will be long, they need things to keep them clean e.g. clothes (pyjamas etc.), favourite toys, food, water etc.
Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 17.45.44
10. Music/Imagination Time Split the class into groups of 3 or 4 so that they are ‘teams’ and to draw or write items they would take with them on an exciting and long trip. You can go around and help with writing and drawing ideas.

  1. Play verse two of the music one time for each group.
  2. As the music plays, a group must tell the class what things they think the prince should take on his trip.

11. Movement to Music:
  1. Play the music from the beginning
  2. Have the children move around the room to match the scenes from the story:
    • Dancing or marching like they are at a grand party in the beginning.
    • Tiptoeing as they dance for the rest of the first verse.
    • The Prince’s song: where they sing the words with the actions.
    • Dance around excitedly, pretending to play the violin for the second verse and pretend they are following the prince and king around as he packs.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.13.09

Downloadable and Printable Lesson Plan: