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There are 15 exercises to complete during Lesson 4 + 1 extra activity.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

Using the story pictures, ask the class how they thought the tone of the music reflected things that happened in the story at different parts.

1. Welcome Song: Welcome the class with your choice of song Recording: Piano & Vocals:
2. Discussion: Feelings and Emotions
  1. Show the children the sheet with different emotions on it.
  2. Point to an emotion and ask the class which emotion it is? – (Prompt by listing emotions – happy, sad, angry, etc.)
  3. Explore how to show different emotions with facial expressions and by making sounds e.g. Happy – smiling and laughing.
  4. Hand out untuned instruments and ask the class to explore how to make sounds that match the emotions.

You can show each emotion in turn (either on the pictures or on your face) to prompt a response.

3. Recap the story: Recap on the story so far using the pictures of the characters.

Reiterate that this is a musical adventure.

4. Explain the connections between ‘tone’/emotions with the story and music:
  1. The orchestra is full of instruments that make different sounds. Each instrument plays their music to make it sound happy, sad, angry and more.
  2. Prince Caprice has a group of special instrument friends that will accompany him through the story by playing their special music.
    1. Who remembers the two friends we have met so far?
  3. Today we will meet another of his friends.
  4. Ask if anyone has seen him around the class and then point to him on the orchestra sheet.
    Does anyone know what instrument it is?
  5. Prince Caprice’s friend is Freddy the French horn!

Prince Caprice needs Freddy to play his music while he tells the king that he wants to go to the moon.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.13.09

Page 10 - French horn with castle notes to moon

5. The Prince’s Song:
  1. Ask the class if they remember the song that is sung to this tune (the Prince’s song).
  2. Play the music again and sing the song with actions.
  3. Explain that Freddy the French Horn is playing the music in the background.
  4. Play the music again and sing the tune together with the word ‘la’ (listen to clip).
  5. Explain the word – Timbre – ‘Tum-bra’
  6. Ask them questions about the timbre of the French Horn: is the music strong like a march? (They can do march actions to test it to the music) or is the music softer and more peaceful? (Can tiptoe)

Tell them that you think it sounds dreamy and then share a dream of yours with the class. Ask if anyone has anything they dream of doing – as the music is playing.

Recording: Piano & Vocals:
Screen Shot 2016-09-08 at 10.05.33Recording: Piano Only:

6. Music Adventure Song:

Sing the Music Adventure Song together:

Lyrics: What are we going to do today – do today – do today? What are we going to do today on our music adventure?

On this musical adventure we are going to follow a special story called? – (Allow the children time to answer) – ‘Voyage to the Moon’ 

Recording: Piano & Vocals:
7. Read the story:

Read page’s 14, 15, 16 of the story

 Page 13

Page 13

Page 14

8. Freddy the French horn’s Poem: Read the poem together as a class with actions:

I am Freddy the French Horn, big and round.

You blow me to make my special sound.

I have three gold buttons that can be pressed,

to make brass sounds that I like best!

9. Discussion: French Horn
  1. Show the class the cut out of the French Horn
    1. Recap features of it e.g. big and round, blow through a mouthpiece, 3 buttons.
    2. Explain that you blow through the mouthpiece and then your breath goes all around the pipes and comes out through the bell at the end (kind of like a very twisted straw.)
    3. Demonstrate how to hold and play it (sing the tune using the word door – long notes – see video.)
      Alternatively you can play the children one of the videos showing a french horn player. 
cut out of the french horn

King & Queen Ball room


10: Become the coils of the French Horn:
  1. Stand the children in a long line holding hands (if there are more than 15 children in the group split them into 2).
  2. While the music is playing – coil them round like a snail shell. This will show how something long can turn into something small.

(See video for instructions – This is a very fun exercise.)

11. Performance Activity: playing instruments to the French horn music: Hand out untuned instruments to each member of the class

Explain that the French horn is playing its soft music during the grand party that the king is throwing, but it is playing with lots of other instruments so we can’t hear it.

  1. Listen to the music again to remember what happens in the story
  2. Play instruments at the same time,

Then when the prince is ready to sing his song pretend to play Freddy the French horn and sing his tune (using the word ‘door’) with long and pretty notes. Take a deep breath before you do so.

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.13.09

12. Discussion: Emotions: Ask the class how they think the king will be feeling after he has heard the prince singing with the French horn.

You can point at  the emotion pictures and say will he be…? And why would he be like that.

Here are some examples of what the king may be feeling:

  1. Relaxed
  2. Shock
  3. Angry
  4. Upset
Emotional Faces Poster



13. Story: Read page 17 of the story

  1. Discuss where the French horn is playing his music to?
  2. Who lives on the moon?
  3. Should we meet her

Page 18 of story – Princess Fantasia

  1. Discuss what she looks like?
  2. How is she feeling?

Page 15

Page 16

14. Movement to Music: Play the music of the French horn and have the class dance around dreamily, swaying with their arms as the music plays, at the same speed as the music.

They can also use untuned instruments, playing them softly as they move.

 Recording: Piano Only:
15.  Theory Activity: Spelling – French horn – together.

Write the letters on the board after spelling the sounds out. Fah rah eh na ch – ha o ran uh

Mathematicswhat shapes can you see on Freddy?

  1. Circles, a triangle (flare) maybe a rectangular coil
  2. Explain that the French horn is made from metal:
    1. Discuss other things that are made from metal (in the classroom or outside of it).

King & Queen Ball room

Extra Activity

  1. Hand out a piece of plain A4 paper to each child.
  2. Tell them to use circles, triangles and rectangles to draw Freddy the French Horn.
  3. When they are finished they are to write how many of each shape they have used in numerals.
 King & Queen Ball room