Lesson Content


There are 16 exercises to complete during Lesson 5.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

Using the story pictures, ask the class how they thought the tone of the music reflected things that happened in the story at different parts.

1. Welcome Song: Welcome the class with your choice of song Recording: Piano & Vocals:
2. Discussion: Our hands/fingers:
  1. Explain that our hands and fingers are amazing things because we can move them in lots of different ways and can do lots of different things with them, like opening a door, gripping a pencil, representing numbers using fingers etc.
  2. Ask for suggestions of other things we use our hands or fingers for.
  3. Ask how many fingers we each have and count them together.

Teach the ‘finger’ song with actions: [See preparation]:

I have 10 fingers; now I’ll count them, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Fuh fuh fuh fingers; let’s have some fun; 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

(Sing finger song with actions – slowly and repeat to ensure fluency)

Prince Caprice Violet Violin and Cedric next to the rocket

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 08.42.33

Recording: Piano Only:

Recording: Piano & Vocals:

3. Explain the connection with musicians: Explain that when musicians play instruments they can only play their instruments by using parts of their body.
4. Recap the instruments learned so far: Recap how to hold the different instruments learned so far (with actions) and go through the different body parts you must use for each instrument. (You can use the pictures of the musicians or videos holding the instruments to prompt responses.)

French horn: both hands – one to hold body, other to hold, fingers to press buttons mouth to blow into the mouth piece
Violin: chin on the chin rest and balance on shoulder, one hand on the neck and one hand on the bow, arm to pull bow back and forth across the strings
Cello: as you are sitting down, balance by resting against or in between knees, shoulder to balance the neck against, one hand on the neck, other hand to hold bow, arm to pull bow back and forth across the strings.

Then explain that today you will learn about an instrument that requires all of a musician’s 10 fingers to hold and play!


Violin and Cello:

French horn:

5. Recap the story: Show the children the picture of the Prince looking at the moon in the sky. Ask questions about Prince Caprice and his dreams (see questioning) e.g.:

  1. Questions about the illustrations;
  2. Questions about space;
  3. Questions about the story so far.

Sing the Prince’s Song with actions


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 08.08.56

Music + Vocals:

Music Only:

6. Read the Story:
  1. Read page 19 of story
  2. Explain to the class that the Royal rocket is made up of lots of different shapes and colours
Page 18
7. Matching Shapes:
  1. On the board have the picture of the rocket with shapes on the side.
  2. Ask volunteers to come up to the board, name a shape and draw a line from the shape to where it is on the rocket.
8. Read the Story: Read page 19 of story

  • Discuss what is going on in story?
  • Who should the Prince and his friends ask to help?
.Page 18
9. Introduce: Olive the Oboe: Introduce Prince Caprice’s new instrument friend, Olive the Oboe.




10. Olive the Oboe Poem:  Teach the class the Olive the Oboe poem with actions.

Show the class the cut out of the oboe and demonstrate how to hold it using all ten fingers, singing random notes using the word ‘doo’
(see video).

A video of an oboist is also available to show the children – you can ask them to name any other instruments that they can see in the background.

For advanced students: You may draw distinctions between the French horn and oboe. 

11. Discuss the Oboe’s music in verse 3: Play the music as you give the following explanation:

Prince Caprice’s rocket is a special musical rocket, and a special tune needs to be played to make the rocket work! Olive the Oboe just happens to play this special tune, which is why Prince Caprice must ask for her help to get to the Moon!

Before we find out what happens in the story, as she plays her music, we will listen to her and decide what we think about it.

Think about if it is:
excited or angry, jumpy and smooth or just smooth, high or low etc.


  • Hand out untuned instruments to each pupils (bells)
  • Play verse 3 of the music as you display the picture.
  • Have the class pretend to play oboes, using the ‘bells’ as a pretend oboe as the music plays.
  • While the music plays, ask questions: “Does the music sound…[e.g. sad or excited]”

12. Duration: Long and Short Notes:
  1. Explain that the Olive the Oboe plays lots of long and short notes to show how excited she is.
  2. Walking: Long notes are slow like we are walking. Have the pupils walk on the spot slowly saying the word “long” slowly for each step they take.
  3. Running: Short notes are like fast running. Have the pupils run on the spot fast saying “short” quickly for each step they take
  4. Skipping: Skipping is like long and short notes. Have the pupils skip around the room, saying “and long, and short and long and short” as they skip.
13. Performing: Pitch and Duration (long and short notes):
  1. Hand out untuned instruments to each child.
  2. The class should play excitedly alongside the oboe’s music, holding their instruments high in the air to match the ‘high-pitch’ of the oboes.
  3. Match duration: play long and short notes – say “long” slowly and play one long beat, then say “short, short, short” and play 3 quick beats – keep repeating as the music plays.
  4. You can point at the words as you say and play.

14. Read the Story:

Read page 20 of story

15. Recap the story and instruments: Recap the story so far –How many instrument friends does Prince Caprice have?

  1. Count the number of instruments the children have learnt about so far using their fingers.
  2. Name the instruments out loud when you are counting.
  3. Play the first part of the third verse (played by the cello) and recap the story scene that accompanied this.
  4. Ask if anyone remembered how Cedric Cello felt when Violet the Violin told him she would be going on the journey (worried and scared).
    Remind them his music got lighter and happier – this is because he decided he would help too. Prince Caprice then tells Cedric that they must find Olive the Oboe to ask for her help. She must play her beautiful tune to help the rocket launch into space!





16. Movement to Music We will now listen to the music, which starts with the Prince’s Song (sing and do actions), then we will hear Cedric cello’s worried song, playing our cellos, low to the ground, and as his music gets happier, we will know that Olive the Oboe is going to start playing the magical song to make the rocket want to leave for the Moon.

  1. Play the music that starts at the second chorus – tell the class to dance around dreamily as the French horn plays its tune.
  2. Then to march angrily as the cello plays its worried music.
  3. As the oboe plays, tell the class to flutter their fingers as they skip around the room in a circle.
  4. Then to dance holding hands in either 2’s or 3’s as the oboe and violin play together/OR/when the oboe music plays, have everyone pretend to play their oboes with their fingers twiddling.

Coming up to the crescendo tell the class to go down on the ground, pretending to be the rocket about to take off, and to jump up as the rocket launches and blasts off with the crescendo, shouting ‘BOOM’ at the loudest point in the music.

17. Expressive Arts/Design:
  1. Hand each child a plain sheet of A4 paper.
  2. Have them draw around their hands on the sheet, and then number the fingers 1-10.
  3. Then have them draw a picture of the oboe in the middle of the two hands, and write the name of the oboe at the top.
 Prince Caprice Violet Violin and Cedric next to the rocket