Lesson 9: Crescendo

Topic 9 explores the non-musical theme of ‘excitement’ through sound. This is the third lesson on musical dynamics (or volume).

The symbol that will be introduced today:

  • ‘Crescendo’ or < (pronounced ‘Cre-shen-dow) =  ‘getting gradually louder’.

It is an Italian word that means ‘growing’, as when the sign appears, musicians play their instruments louder, LOUDER and LOUDER – i.e. their music ‘grows’ in volume.

In lesson 9 you will:

  • Discuss the concept of ‘excitement’ and the different ways we are able to express ourselves.
  • Introduce and build on knowledge of musical dynamics – Crescendo – the sign that appears on the score sheet (music) and what it means.
  • Recognise and respond to visual cues of dynamics.
  • Build confidence through individual and group performance activities.
  • New Characters: Crescendo Croc & Princess Fantasia
  • VTM music: Final chorus

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