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There are 15 exercises to complete during Lesson 9.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class.
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

1. Discussion: Excitement:
  1. Hand out untuned instruments to each member of the class

(If unavailable, clapping or other audible body actions will be fine)

  • Have everyone play a really slow beat together

(See video for instructions)

  • Ask the class how they could make their beat turn exciting?

You can have them demonstrate with instruments
Prompt them by asking if getting quieter or slower will be more exciting (no but the opposite will)

  • Still with instruments (if available), have everyone create the slow beat again. The teacher is to say words in turn that are either exciting or not. The children are to keep their beat if the word is not exciting, and make faster or louder music if the word is exciting

Exciting words:
Fun, surprise, shock, excite, jump, fright, loud, scream, party

Non-exciting words:
Dull, quiet, calm, sleeping, dream, whisper,
(It works best if you say a list of the non-exciting ones and then one exciting word towards the end of a list)


2. Recap
  1. What did we learn about last lesson?
  2. What happened in the story?
    Have page 29 of the story on the board
  3. Discuss where the rocket is heading?


Page 29

3. Explain:
  1. That Prince Caprice is heading towards the moon.
    1. Who do you think lives on the moon?
4. Introduce: Princess Fantasia
  1. Princess Fantasia
    1. Show picture of her lonely in her castle

Ask the children what they think of her? What she might be feeling?

Page 16
5. Story


  1. Read page 30 of the story.
    1. Discuss what is happening?
    2. Why do they think the princess is excited?
6. Explain
  1. Princess Fantasia has a special friend called Crescendo Croc.
  2. When something exciting happens, Crescendo Croc appears to tell the musicians to play their instruments louder, and louder, and louder!
    1. Say louder and louder and louder together with the class in increasing volume – start with a whisper and end with a scream.
7. Adventure Song  

  1. Sing the Adventure song.
  2. what are we going to find – Crescendo Croc.

Ask if anyone has seen a strange symbol somewhere in the classroom and bring the picture of the crescendo to the front


Recording: Piano & Vocals:


8. Story
  1. Read page 31 of the story
Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 14.35.36


 9. Introduce: Crescendo Croc


  1. Introduce Crescendo Croc
    1. Read the poem to the class in a tense voice (see video).

I’m Crescendo Croc and very keen

To show you all just what I mean

For at the start my teeth softly tap

Getting louder as I end in a great big SNAP!


  1. Ask what shape the crescendo looks most like (circle, square and triangle) and have the class create the shapes with their fingers/hands as they consider it.
  2. Then ask what animal Crescendo Croc might look like – a crocodile.
  3. Have the class put their hands together in front of them (see video) and pretend to be the crocodile swimming quietly through the water; he likes to eat marshmallows and as he sees one he swims faster, making more noise as he is excited, opens his mouth and snaps really loudly.
Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 14.37.09
10. Explain:
  1. When we see the crescendo sign, we start at the smallest point, playing quietly, and then as our finger moves along the crescendo to the widest point we get louder and louder and louder

Practice this either with clapping, instruments or voices; you move your finger slowly along the crescendo and the class plays louder and louder and louder (you can say this to direct them).



11. Music:
  1. Play the final chorus of the music
    1. Show the class the orchestra picture and as the Oboe music plays, ask which instrument is playing.
      1. You can prompt them with clues:
        1. Wiggling 10 fingers and ask which instrument needs to be played with all 10 fingers?
        2. Which instrument starts with an “O”?
      2. Then explain that as the rocket is about to land on the moon, Crescendo Croc tells all the instruments to play loudly in order for the rocket to land.
Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.13.09

 12. Untuned Instruments:
  1. Hand out untuned instruments and play the music of the final chorus again.
  2. Tell the class to play quiet music as the rocket is flying through space, and as it is reaching the moon, show them the crescendo sign and tell them to get louder along with the crescendo in the music.
  3. You can repeat this exercise but have a volunteer come to the front and move their hold the crescendo sign up for the class as the crescendo begins, moving their finger along the line with the crescendo.


13. Practical Activity 
  1. Give the class untuned instruments to play quietly or tell them to clap quietly as a volunteer comes to the front and directs the class to make a crescendo as they move their finger along the line – this can be repeated with different volunteers
14. Movement to Music
  1. Ask a pupil to suggest how the class should move to the music (dance, march etc.) and how they should move more excitedly as the crescendo should happen.

Play the final chorus of the music – this can be repeated using suggestions from other pupils

15. Extra Activity
  1. Hand out a plain piece of A4 paper to each child.
  2. Have them draw a crescendo sign.
  3. Add triangular teeth inside the crescendo to make it look like a crocodile
  4. Write the number (in numerals) of teeth their crocodile has
  5. Write the words ‘get louder’ at the top of their picture
  6. Help them to write the word crescendo also – this can be spelt together as a class as the teacher writes it on the board to be copied.

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