Year 2 Assembly Script (long)

Welcome to the Year 2 Long Assembly Script! This script can be used as it is, or as a base – teachers can adapt the content, shortening or lengthening the script as suits. For example, you can add songs from the ‘song library’ throughout the production’.

Elements of the Long Script: Scene 4 onwards introduces a new element of the story – what really happens once our friends reach the moon! You may want to rehearse this script over a whole term once the programme has been completed.

It is a great production to perform for parents, and the other school years.

Tip for Casting: As this version is much longer, consider casting multiple children for roles so that everyone has a speaking part (e.g. 2 children to play Prince Caprice – 1 from scenes 1-3, and another for scene 4+)

Another suggestion is to split the production into 2 performances – part 1 and 2 – and perform these on consecutive days.

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Adult Pupils (speaking parts) Other Pupils
  Narrator  Prince Caprice  Party Guests (will need percussion instruments)
  Conductor of the Orchestra – will need a baton  King Vlan
  Conductor of the Party Guests – will need a baton  Princess Fantasia
 King Cosmos
Jacques Offenbach
 Builder 1
 Builder 2
 Moon Guards x5
 Moon Slaves x2
 Orchestra members (1-2 for each musician):

  • Violinist
  • Horn player
  • Flautist
  • Oboist
  • Cellist

Introduce the Concert/Assembly

The Narrator should come out at the beginning and address the parents –

“Over the year we have been working on a new musical project, from SymbolSmash, about a piece of classical music called “Voyage To The Moon”. The children have been learning musical theory and have been working really hard to put on a spectacular production for you. We really hope you enjoy the show! You should be very proud of your children who can’t wait to share with you their musical journey.

Throughout the term we have been going on a fabulous musical journey to the moon and back – and your little stars will indeed shine bright


The curtain rises revealing a party at the royal palace in honour of Prince Caprice who has just returned home from traveling. There are many party guests who are sitting on the left of the stage, and the orchestra sitting on chairs in a semi-circle on the right of the stage. Each side has a ‘conductor’.

Narrator: We all have tastes in music and love different categories. Did you know that some pieces of music were written to tell stories? Today our class has come to share a very special tune – a piece of classical music, called ‘Voyage to the Moon’. Before we present the story and get on with the show, there is someone very special, who each of you should know.

[The narrator indicates his hand to the stage entrance. Enter Jacques Offenbach. He stands in the centre of the stage facing the audience]

Music plays – ‘Mr. Composer, please!’

Everyone sings lines 1 and 3. Jacques Offenbach sings lines 2 and 4.

With Vocals:

1: ‘Mr Composer, Mr Composer, please tell us what you do’
2: ‘I write music, I write music, that is what I do’
3: ‘My composer, Mr Composer, please tell us your name?’
4: ‘My name is Jacques, Jacques, Jacques, Jacques, I am Jacques Offenbach’
[Spoken by narrator] – ‘What is the conductor called?’
[Everyone] – ‘Jacques Offenbach!’

Music plays

Exit Jacques Offenbach (or become a party guest) – Music Stops.

Narrator: The music and the story – Jacques Offenbach wrote it all! It’s time for ‘Voyage to the Moon’ – the scene begins with a royal ball!

Music plays


The party guests are playing their untuned instruments and being directed by the first conductor and his baton. The royal orchestra are playing their instruments and being directed by the second conductor and his baton. Prince Caprice and his father, King Vlan come to the centre of the stage. The narrator is standing at the back of the stage. The music stops and the scene freezes.

Narrator: Caprice is a very adventurous Prince who is bored of palace life. [Prince Caprice waves] His father wants him to take the crown and to settle down with a wife. [King Vlan waves] King Vlan has held a party and there is lots of music for everyone to play. Now we’re going to hear the tale of what took place in the palace that day.

[King Vlan takes off his crown and gives it to the prince who throws it on the floor. The party guests and orchestra gasp in shock. The king looks flabbergasted. Prince Caprice turns speaks to the audience]

Prince Caprice: I do not want to be the king!

Orchestra Conductor: [To the orchestra] let’s play some music to help break the tension.

[The flautist(s) and violinist(s) step forward and turn towards the prince]

Orchestra Conductor: [To the flautist] what instrument are you going to play?

Flautist: The flute

Orchestra Conductor: [To everyone on the stage] what do we know about the flute?

Everyone: [speaks with actions]

I am Flora the fluttering flute

When you blow me I go toot toot

You hold me out and to your side

And listen to my flute sounds glide

Orchestra Conductor: [To the violinist] what instrument are you going to play?

Violinist: The violin

Orchestra Conductor: [To everyone on the stage] what do we know about the violin?

Everyone: [speaks with actions]

I am Violet the Violin

I like to rest under your chin

My sounds are high, my body small

So pick me up with bow and all

[The orchestra conductor holds up a Piano sign and turns to the two musicians]

Orchestra Conductor: Please play your music in piano [says piano in a loud whisper]. Does piano me LOUD or soft?

Violinist and Flautist: Soft

[The music starts and the flautist plays, the violin then joins in. The music stops. King Vlan turns to the prince]


King Vlan: This is unacceptable! Why will you not be the king?

[The violinist and flautist step back to their places in the orchestra. Now the horn player steps forward]

Narrator: Prince Caprice dreamed of sword-fights, he loved exploring the land. If he were to become the King then his adventures would come to a stand. The French Horn got ready to play as Caprice revealed his idea, he wanted to go to the moon and it was time for his father to hear.

Orchestra Conductor: [To the horn player] what instrument are you going to play?

Horn Player: The French Horn

Orchestra Conductor: [To everyone on the stage] what do we know about the French horn?

Everyone: [speaks with actions]

I’m Freddy the French horn big and round

You can blow me to make my special sound

I’ve three gold buttons that can be pressed

To make brass sounds that I like best

Orchestra Conductor: Okay French Horn, off you go!

[The music starts. The French Horn plays and everyone except the horn player sings the chorus and performs the actions as seen in the video for lesson one preparation]

Everyone: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops]

King Vlan: Utter nonsense!

Prince Caprice: Please listen!

[The music starts. The French Horn plays and everyone except the horn player sings]


Everyone: Can you see up in Space?

Twinkling stars are all over the place

Moonlight beams down on me

I will find a Princess there – you’ll see!

[The music stops]

King Vlan: [Shaking his head] oh dear! What am I to do?


[The scene opens in a courtyard. The party guests and orchestra are still in their places. They are both facing the centre of the stage. Caprice, King Vlan, two builders and the kings’ advisor are in the middle of the stage. The advisor is showing the royals a plan to build a cannon that will fire the prince to the moon and the builders are starting to put it together (this can be done with cardboard boxes being stacked on top of each other). They builders each have a hammer. The narrator stands at the back of the stage]

Narrator: The king had told his daring son that he could go to the moon. You see, this was in the 1800’s and space travel was not coming soon. He thought Caprice would fail without a way of getting to space – but the trusted advisor of the palace devised a plan as he worked on Caprices’ case.

Advisor: [To the royals and pointing to the builders] these men are building a shell for the Prince and he will be shot to the moon from a cannon!

King Vlan: [To the builders] is this safe?

Builders: Who knows?

King Vlan: This sounds like a very bad idea

[Prince Caprice withdraws his sword. The advisor backs away as he moves towards his father and the builders stop their work]

Prince Caprice: No one will stop me!

[The party guests gasp in shock]

Orchestra Conductor: [Shouting] Violins!

[The violinists step forward and the music begins to play and play along with it. The party guests hold their arms in the position you would hold a violin and bow and mime actions of playing – their conductor should be doing the actions for them to mirror. A palace guard steps on stage with his sword and stands between the king and the prince. The king storms off with his hands on his hips and stands beside the party guests. The prince and the guard have a sword fight. The music stops and the scene freezes. King Vlan holds up his arms in earnest and walks back over to his son]

King Vlan: Oh I give up! We will go on this adventure together.


[The horn player steps forward and the music starts to play. The party guests, led by their conductor sing the numbers of the beats along with the chorus (see lesson 7) and clap for each beat. The builders are busy themselves to make the shell – they can have pretend hammers to tap along with the beats. The advisor and the royals observe the work. Two chairs are brought on stage and placed in the centre to represent where the king and the prince will sit. The music stops and the horn player steps back. King Vlan and Prince Caprice sit inside the shell on the chairs. The party guests are all holding untuned instruments]

Narrator: And so the time had finally come for the travellers to be on their way. The party guests had come to see them off and the orchestra was ready to play. The cello’s finding their voice add a minor tone, as everyone watched in trepidation

[The cellists step forward] 

Cellists: We will play the cello



[The music plays and everyone starts whispering nervously and pointing at the prince and the king. The music stops. The cellists move back]

Narrator: The Oboe’s and the Violins wanted to bring back a feeling of elation.

Orchestra Conductor: [To everyone on the stage] what do we know about the Cello?

Everyone: [speaks with actions]

I’m Cedric Cello big and bold

You must be sitting down to hold

And draw a bow across my strings

To make low sounds and music things

Orchestra Conductor: [To everyone on the stage] what do we know about the oboe?

Everyone: [speaks with actions]

I’m Olive the Oboe thin and lean

I use ten fingers as a team

Purse your lips tightly around the reed

To make clear sounds with grace and speed

[The Oboists and violinists step forward and the music plays. Listen to the instrument timings clip for the conductor to direct the order of the instruments. The party guests start relaxing and then cheer as the crescendo begins. The music stops. The party guests start playing their instruments very quietly holding them as low down as possible – the conductor can hold up a P sign to instruct and can also use an untuned instrument to demonstrate]

Advisor: Light the cannon!

[The party guests create a crescendo – gradually increase the volume of their instruments and then stop in unison when the noise is very loud. As the crescendo is happening, the instruments should be raised higher and higher into the air. The King screams, and the Prince laughs/whoops with joy. The guests and musicians all turn towards them and point. They move their heads and pointed arms upwards till they are looking at the ceiling above the royals.]

[The oboist steps forward and the music start. Everyone sings. The rest of the orchestra start playing together on ‘Adventure Starts’]

Everyone: Can you see?

There’s the moon

Prince Caprice will reach there very soon

Adventure starts

As he’s seen

Princess Fantasia

She’ll be his queen!

[The music stops]



[The scene takes place on the moon. The shell has crash-landed and the prince and the king are lying down amongst the debris. The party guests, the orchestra and the conductors have left the stage. The narrator is still at the back of the stage]

Narrator: I’m sure you will be pleased to know that the shell reached its’ destination. However, it crashed on landing in a somewhat unsuitable station.

[King Vlan and Prince Caprice start to stir. Caprice dusts himself off and looks at his father]

Prince Caprice: Amazing! We made it!

King Vlan: [exclaims] Oh no! How are we going to get home! The shell is ruined!

Narrator: But Prince Caprice had not a care in the world – he could worry about returning at a later date. He believed everything happened for a reason and was excited to discover his fate.

Prince Caprice: I will be the king of the moon!

[From offstage]

King Cosmos: I think you will find that that job is already taken!

[The prince and the king stand up and withdraw their swords, panicking]

King Vlan: Who’s there?

[King Cosmos and his five guards enter the stage. They all have withdrawn their swords. They form a circle around Prince Caprice and King Vlan]

King Cosmos: I am King Cosmos of the moon! [Shouting] seize them!

[Everyone raises their swords ready for a fight but then another voice comes from offstage]

Princess Fantasia: Is it safe?

[Everyone turns and faces the princess as she walks on to the stage. The horn player and flautist enter following her. The moon king walks forwards to greet her and the princess sees the would-be prisoners]

Narrator: Everyone meet Fantasia – the beautiful moon princess. Today is in fact her birthday and the crashing shell had caused a mess. But she had a heart of gold and the earth people looked tired and harmless. So she would do all she could to help them avoid her fathers’ sharpness.

[Princess Fantasia walks towards her father and puts her hand on his arm]

Princess Fantasia: My birthday is a happy time so let’s not have any fighting. [To the moon guards] put down your swords!

King Cosmos: [Looking shocked] But…

Narrator: And so the princess told her father how she had been taught to show kindness to those who needed aid. Her father was impressed by the wisdom she displayed. All the swords were put away [everyone lowers their swords] and the earth royals were greeted as guests [the moon king shakes hands with King Vlan]. They were escorted to the party and told the tale of their quest.

[Everyone begins to slowly walk off stage, except for the musicians and the music starts to play and the French Horn plays]


[The scene opens in the dance hall in the moon palace. The party guests and orchestra are in the places as they were in the first scene. They are both facing the centre of the stage. Prince Caprice and Princess Fantasia are together on one side of the stage at the front, and King Vlan is on the other side with his advisor and King Cosmos]

Narrator: Everyone was making friends as King Cosmos spoke of the culture of his land [they speak and laugh together], of slavery [2 slaves walk onstage and King Cosmos points to them as King Vlan looks shocked] and punishments and how falling in love is banned.

Orchestra conductor: The violins begin to play their very familiar song

[Violinists step forward]

Violinists: let’s play our music again

[The music plays]

Party guest Conductor: as the party guests begin to dance [everyone starts dancing, including the prince with the princess, but King Vlan and his advisor do not dance] King Vlan fears the culture on the moon is wrong.

King Vlan: [To his advisor] we must teach the people of the moon that slavery is bad

Advisor: and how to love all people, no matter who they are.

Orchestra conductor: The violins get gradually louder as a crescendo takes the music above [Violinists make more exaggerated movements with their bows – the dancers dance more freely].

Narrator: Prince Caprice turns to the princess [he stops dancing and they both walk to the front of the stage, turn to each other], and then he declares his love.

Prince Caprice: I love you

Princess Fantasia: [Screams and runs off stage]

[The music stops. Prince Caprice looks distraught].


[The scene takes place in a courtyard of the moon palace. Prince Caprice is sitting there alone looking miserable. There is a small bag of apples next to him and he is also eating one. The orchestra is on the side but the party guests are no longer there]

Narrator: The Prince’s sadness grows by the day as Princess Fantasia stays far away. Sitting in the courtyard one afternoon, the oboe player and violinist decide to play him a tune.

[The oboe player and violinist step forward]

Orchestra conductor: [To the oboe player] what are you here to do, oboe player?

Oboe player: We’re here to cheer up Prince Caprice

Orchestra conductor: [To the violinist] how will you do this?

Violinist: By playing our beautiful music

Orchestra conductor: why don’t you both go and tell the prince?

Violinist and oboe player: [walk up to the Prince] we’re going to play music to make you happy Prince Caprice.

Prince Caprice: Nothing will make me happy. Go away!

Orchestra Conductor: [To the violinist and oboe player] That’s okay, come back and we’ll play anyway [They go and stand in front of the orchestra conductor]

Narrator: But the musicians stand their ground, and the oboist launches straight in.

[The music plays]

Narrator: However, he soon pauses [music stops and the Orchestra Conductor holds up the pause sign – everyone puts their hands in an arch above their head to make a pause sign], as a call is heard from within.

[From offstage]

Princess Fantasia: Oh the oboe is playing its exciting tune! I must find where it’s coming from!

[The prince and musicians turn towards her voice. Princess Fantasia runs onstage looking excited. Prince Caprice stands up quickly and smiles]

Orchestra Conductor: Time for the oboe to play again! The violin can join in later!

[The Oboists and violinists step forward and the music plays. Listen to the instrument timings clip for the conductor to direct the order of the instruments]

Narrator: The Prince approaches the princess [Prince walks towards her] and falls down onto his knees [goes on his knees] he offers her an apple and says

Prince Caprice: Could we be friends again please?

Princess Fantasia: [Takes the apple from Prince Caprice] what is this?

Prince Caprice: This is an apple – it’s a delicious fruit from earth. It grows on a tree. [Princess Fantasia accepts the apple with a smile]

Narrator: The violin joins in the fun as the two friends are reunited [violin plays alternately with the oboist]. Fantasia takes a bite of the apple and is instantly delighted 

Princess Fantasia: [Takes a bite of the apple] this is delicious!

Narrator: But our earth apples work like magic on the people of the moon. The taste makes people love and hearts swoon [Princess Fantasia gasps and clutches her chest].



[The scene opens with Princess Fantasia crying on the floor surrounded by the moon guards. They are centre stage. King Vlan, Prince Caprice and the advisor are trying to get past the guards – there can also be a sword fight. The orchestra and party guests are back in their places from scene 1. The party guests are holding their instruments. Everyone is looking at the group in the centre of the stage. Enter King Cosmos followed by his two slaves]

Party Guests: [Play their untuned instruments really loudly]

King Cosmos: [Shouts] STOP! [Everyone stops] What on moon is going on?!

Guard 1: Princess Fantasia has fallen in love

Guard 2: She must be punished

Narrator: King Vlan stepped forward with a brilliant thought [King Vlan steps forward towards King Cosmos]; he’d made a bottle of apple juice, so that love on the moon would be taught. Taking it in his hand [King Vlan takes out a bottle of apple juice], he asked King Cosmos

King Vlan: would you like a drink?

Narrator: King Cosmos was very thirsty so replied

King Cosmos: thank you – it will help me to think [he takes the juice from King Vlan and has a sip]

Narrator: A king is like a conductor – he’s the leader of the clan. When his amorous feelings awoke, he turned and thanked King Vlan [King Cosmos shakes King Vlan’s hand]. King Cosmos had a job to do; to teach his people how to have compassion. He had to set examples to have them live in an orderly fashion. The guards were given apple juice and the apples were passed around [as directed – to all including party guests] and so began a culture change as all had a common ground. King Cosmos turned to his slaves [turns to his slaves] and freed them on the spot [the slaves start jumping for joy]. All people are equals – love taught this king a lot. The guards let the princess go [as directed] and she went to join her friends [goes to Prince Caprice]. The atmosphere was amorous as everyone made amends [everyone starts hugging each other].

Orchestra Conductor: Orchestra, let’s all play a bon voyage song. The oboe can have the main solo. Everyone sing together.

[Everyone comes on stage]

[Music plays]


Here we are

On the moon

We’ve made friends

And sung a pretty tune.

Time to part

Laugh and cry

As it’s now time

To say goodbye

Narrator: [Everyone begins to slowly walk off stage, except for the flautist, French horn player, and prince and princess. The music starts to play and the French Horn plays]. The French Horn began to play a tune that celebrated people following their dreams. Standing up for what you believe in is harder than it seems. [French Horn stops and exits the stage and Flute begins]. Then the flute began to play its’ soft and beautiful sound. Music brings adventure and within it your desires can be found.

Downloadable/Printable Script:

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