Preparation for Lesson 1

There are 8 suggested activities below for the teacher to complete in order to prepare for teaching  ‘lesson content’ for lesson 1

Instructions: Music Clips: Pictures/videos:
1. Discussion:

Prepare for a discussion about favourite fairy-tales.
Prepare questions to prompt the children to share information about components of fairy-tales – Prepare visual cues to prompt answers, for example, pictures from familiar fairy-tales; stories or movies

2. Read the Story:

Read the whole storybook to become familiar with the story. Take note of:
Any characters – for this lesson: Prince Caprice and Princess Fantasia
Any mention of musical concepts – for this lesson: the Orchestra
Play the sound file in the next column to become familiar with our narrated story to music.



Relevant story pages for this lesson: 1-4:



3. Discussion: Orchestra:

Prepare for a discussion about the orchestra.
– Read the ‘background information’ for this lesson to understand the connection between the orchestra’s music and the story.– Learn definitions about the musical concepts/key vocabulary (see the next column)

Definitions of an Orchestra:

4. Sing ‘the Prince’s Song’:

Sing the Prince’s song with the actions repeatedly until learned off by heart.
– Read the words
– Listen to the tune
– Watch the video
Can you see? Up in space,
Twinkling stars are all over the place.Moonlight beams, down on me,
I will find a princess there – you’ll see.

Music + Vocals:

Music Only:

Video of the song with actions:

4. Listen to the first verse of the music:

Listen to the introduction of the music.
– Take note of the tone before and after the ‘pause’
– Practice narrating to the introduction music: 
telling the children they are at a party before the pause, to take a deep breath at the pause as they ‘see’ the prince arrive, then to be worried as they see that the prince is nervous
– Practice playing along to the music with untuned instruments, matching the tone of the music as your play

Introduction & 1st chorus/Prince’s Song

5. Become familiar with the tone of the music, and practice commentating story events: 

Listen to the whole piece of music to become familiar with the tone of each section.

Then listen to the narrated music – note how the tone of the music matches events in the story.

Practice commentating events e.g. “the King is holding a very ‘grand’ party at the palace. All the guests are dancing to the music”. You can use elements of our narration if you so choose to.

The students will be acting out parts of the story in the music. If available, bring props e.g. crown (see activity 7 in lesson content)

6. Resources to bring to the lesson:

  • Percussion (untuned) instruments – one for each child
  • Plain A4 paper for each pupil
  • Crayons and other drawing material
  • A printed copy of each of the 4 event signs – to stick one on the wall in each corner of the classroom – download these in the third column to print
  • Printed and cut out parts of the narration (for activity 14 in lesson content) – download these in the third column to print
slide1 slide2 slide3 slide4


7. Become familiar with key vocabulary: 

Anticipation: To expect, or to look forward to

(plus key music vocabulary in the next column)

Character names (royal family):


Jacques Offenbach:


Voyage to the Moon:

8. Run through:

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 1)

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 1)

The ‘lesson content’  tab, where you will find exercises for this lesson:

  • Ensure you can do all of the exercises.
  • Read through the ‘lesson content’ repeatedly before teaching it in order to be prepared.
  • Play the slideshow (open slideshow button on top corner of page in ‘lesson content’) that will be displayed during the class
  • Download and print the lesson activity sheets at the bottom of the page in ‘lesson content’ – practice explaining the activities as you play the slideshow (see point above)
  • Plan your own answers to the questions you will ask the children to prompt them and retain focus.

The assessment & homework’ tasks for this lesson

The ‘background information’ tab, where teacher can find further information about the lesson, the story, and the music.