Background Information

The aim of lesson 3 is to learn the definition, appearance and function of a ‘Crescendo’ sign in a piece of music. Crescendo, quite simply, means ‘getting gradually louder’. ‘Crescendo’ is the Italian word for ‘growing’, in music, growing louder.

Index for the table:

1. Discussions

2. Musical Theme: the ‘Crescendo’ symbol

3. Crescendo Croc (poetry)


1. Discussions:

 Through discussion, the group will focus on the theme of excitement – how we express ourselves using actions, words, expressions etc..
An explanation of the relationship between excitement and music will help the children understand how they themselves can express themselves through music, as well as understanding what kind of story different pieces of music tell.

2. Musical Theme:

the ‘Crescendo’ symbol:

In this lesson the children will be introduced to the musical term – Crescendo. In music, a crescendo means getting gradually louder.
The children, throughout this lesson, will learn how to respond to a crescendo sign, and to the sound of the crescendo as heard in music. This will improve their aural training ability through performance and analytical listening.
Having to watch the teacher and play at the same time will help the children to build on their concentration skills and will help them to develop relationships between words, symbols and their meanings.
The group will be introduced to the character ‘Crescendo Croc’. This will allow them to familiarise themselves with the musical sign.

3. Crescendo Croc (poetry):

 Prince Caprice’s symbol-friends come alive to help him on his journey. To call them, he must recite their poems. Each poem must be chanted, and actions performed. Videos in the preparation section will show you the actions.
I am Crescendo Croc and very keen,
To show you all just what I mean.
For at the start, my teeth softly tap,
Getting gradually louder as I end with a great BIG SNAP!
Teachers should discuss features from the poem throughout the lesson activities.