There are 10 suggested activities below for the teacher to complete in order to prepare for teaching  ‘lesson content’ for lesson 5

Instructions: Music Clips: Pictures/videos:
1. Discussion: Authors

Prepare for a discussion on ‘authors’

– Prepare questions to prompt the children to share information about their favourite books and authors, and also the job role of an author

2. Composer of Music:
Learn the definition and role of a musical ‘composer’

  • Definition: a composer is a writer of music


3. Read the Story:

Read the whole storybook to recap information from previous lessons

Play the sound file in the next column to become familiar with our narrated story to music 



4. Jacques Offenbach:

  • Learn about Jacques Offenbach (see background information for this lesson)
  • Watch the video on his life, to become familiar with key features


Video of Offenbach’s life:

5. Composer fact sheets:

The class will be split into groups – try and group the children into 2/3s. 

Familiarise yourself with Offenbach’s history in order to help the children complete the history activity.



6. Recap how to hold String Instruments:

Recap how to hold the violin and the cello

7. Recap A cellist & a cello:

Watch the video that demonstrates two children acting out ‘a cellist’ playing ‘a cello’

8. Resources to bring to the lesson:

  • Percussion (untuned) instruments – one for each child
  • A3 piece’s of paper for group activity. 
  • History sentences – see column 3 (teacher can cut these up if want to do it chronologically)
  • Homework can be found in the Homework & Assessment tab.
9. Key vocabulary: 


Jacques Offenbach


Jacques Offenbach:

10. Run through:

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 2)

The ‘lesson content’  tab, where you will find exercises for this lesson:

  • Ensure you can do all of the exercises.
  • Read through the ‘lesson content’ repeatedly before teaching it in order to be prepared.
  • Play the slideshow (open slideshow button on top corner of page in ‘lesson content’ that will be displayed during the class
  • Download and print the lesson activity sheets at the bottom of the page in ‘lesson content’ – practice explaining the activities as you play the slideshow (see point above)
  • Plan your own answers to the questions you will ask the children to prompt them and retain focus.

The assessment & homework’ tasks for this lesson

The ‘background information’ tab, where teacher can find further information about the lesson, the story, and the music.