Lesson 6: Freddy French Horn

Topic 6 focuses on the theme of Expression.
It introduces a new instrument from the ‘Brass Family’ – The French Horn and explores how emotion is conveyed through music.
In Lesson 6 you will explore:

  • The different emotional responses we have in specific scenarios.
  • The tone and emotion being conveyed through sections of music.
  • The French horn – its features, how it is played and its place within the orchestra, the music and the story.
  • The tone of the music
  • Appropriate responses to expressive situations/music.
  • The different instruments learned so far, to be able to identify them by both appearance and timbre.
  • Freddy the French horn character and his purpose within the story

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Prince Caprice Violet Violin and Cedric next to the rocket

Page 10 - French horn with castle notes to moon