Lesson 8: the ‘Forte’ symbol: ‘forte’ = ‘loud’

Topic 8 explores loudness, and ‘responding to signs’. This is the second lesson on musical notation (the first being ‘crescendo’) that serve as rules and instructions in the world of music.

The symbol that will be introduced today is:

  • Forte or f (pronounced for-tay) = loud

The ‘f’ symbol appears on music and instructs musicians to play their instruments loudly (f).

In Lesson 8 you will explore:

  • The ‘forte’ symbol and it’s relevance within music. 
  • Appropriate reactions to signs/symbols that aim to prompt a response from us.
  • Responses to dynamics & symbols through performance-based activities.
  • Crotchets and quavers (written musical notation), applying ‘dynamics’.
  • New Character: Frederick Forte

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