Lesson 2: Violet the Violin

Topic 2 concentrates on the characteristics of ‘imaginary characters’. The instruments from the Orchestra help Prince Caprice on his journey to the Moon, and we study how they come alive as vibrant characters, starting with Violet the Violin, as we study and analyse the violin music in ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
In Lesson 2 you will:

  • Further explore the Orchestra in relation to ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
  • Introduce the violin, discussing its key features (sounds and appearance).
  • Explore, study and analyse the concept of ‘pitch’ – High/Low.
  • Discover ‘melody’ in relation to the violin’s role in the Orchestra, the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music and story.
  • Analyse musical features of the violin; ‘pitch’, ‘tone’, ‘timbre’, ‘duration’ and ‘tempo’, whilst studying ‘verse 2’ of Voyage to the Moon.

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