Lesson 3: ‘Crescendo’ = getting gradually louder

Topic 3 explores how different emotions, namely ‘excitement’ is expressed by following specific musical notation (instructions/symbols). This is the first lesson on ‘dynamics’ (loudness within music).The symbol that will be introduced today is the ‘Crescendo’ sign. Crescendo, quite simply, means ‘getting gradually louder’. It is an Italian word that means ‘growing’, as when the sign appears, musicians play their instruments louder, i.e. their music ‘grows’ in volume.
In lesson 3 you will explore:

  • The different ways we express ourselves when we are ‘excited’.
  • The ‘crescendo’ symbol in a piece of music.
  • New Character: Crescendo Croc.
  • Connections between the violin and a crescendo in ‘Voyage to the Moon’.
  • How to listen and respond to symbols through performance.

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