Lesson 4: Cedric Cello

Topic 4 explores the theme of Family through the second instrument within the Voyage To The Moon orchestra – the Cello. The cello is from the same ‘instrument family’ as the violin – the String Family – and so similarities and differences between these ‘family members’ are explored.
In Lesson 4 you will explore:

  • Similarities and differences between our family members, leading to the connection between different instruments within the same ‘family’. 
  • ‘Pitch‘, in relation to both the violin and cello.
  • A new part of the music and story, building listening, analytical and performance skills.
  • The role of the cello in the Voyage to the Moon music and story.
  • Verse 3 in the Voyage to the Moon music.

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King & Queen Ball room

King & Queen Ball room