There are 9 suggested activities below for the teacher to complete in order to prepare for teaching  ‘lesson content’ for lesson 2

Instructions: Music Clips: Pictures/videos:
1. Discussion: Elements of Teamwork:

The pupils will express and discuss their views on teams and teamwork. They will use their findings from homework to aid this discussion.

Read through the questioning for this lesson.

2. Prepare an explanation connecting ‘orchestra’ and teamwork’:

Explain that an orchestra is a large group of musicians and they need to use teamwork skills in the same way other teams do. Each group of instruments has it’s own role, sometimes performing alone and other times supporting the rest of the ‘team’ with their music. Their aim is to tell a story through the way they play their music

Practice introducing the orchestra

 Definitions of an Orchestra:

3. Instrument Families:

Instruments come in groups depending on how they are made, and how they produce sound. These groups are called ‘families’.

In music there are 4 types of instrument families (the 3 you see below, and also percussion)

Become familiar with the different instruments that play the ‘Voyage to the Moon’ music, and the ‘families’ they belong to, especially the ‘String Family

  • String Family – Violin, Cello  
  • Brass – French Horn  
  • Woodwind – Oboe, Flute

The Violin and Cello are from the ‘String’ Family

 violin violetcedric cello

The French Horn is from the ‘Brass’ Family

Freddy the French Horn

The Oboe and Flute are from the ‘Woodwind’ Family

Olive the Oboe Flora Flute



4. Instrument/Family Timbres:

– Timbre is the distinctive sound of an instrument.

– Each of the instruments have been recorded playing the introduction from Voyage to the Moon

– Listen to each of the recordings to hear the distinctive differences between each instrument and take note of their qualities/tone

The Violin – String Family:

The Cello – String Family:

The French horn – Brass Family:

The Oboe – Woodwind Family:

The Flute – Woodwind Family:



5. Instrument Solos:

A solo is where one instrument plays on its own. Throughout Voyage to the Moon, there are opportunities for instrument solos.

 VERSE 2 – played by the violins: 

CHORUS: melody played by French horn, cellos play harmony in the background

FINALE: played by the flute!

Video of when the flute, violin and oboe play verse 3:
6. Listen to the Music with the Narration:

Listen to the narrated version of the music to become familiar with the story. Take note of:
– Any characters
– Any mention of musical concepts
– The tone of each section/verse of the music

The second recording is the music without the narration (for comparison)

– Listen to the whole recording, taking note of the interaction/conversation between the different instruments


7. Resources to bring to the lesson: (Resources to download and print are in the third column, in the order that you see below)

  • Percussion (untuned) instruments – one for each pupil at least
  • Responses to King Vlan from previous lesson
  • A printed copy of the observation sheet for each pupil
  • Writing Equipment
  • Lined paper for each pupil
8. Key vocabulary: 





 Definitions of an Orchestra:

9. Run through:

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 2)

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 2)

The ‘lesson content’  tab, where you will find exercises for this lesson:

  • Ensure you can do all of the exercises.
  • Read through the ‘lesson content’ repeatedly before teaching it in order to be prepared.
  • Play the slideshow (open slideshow button on top corner of page in ‘lesson content’) that will be displayed during the class
  • Download and print the lesson activity sheets at the bottom of the page in ‘lesson content’ – practice explaining the activities as you play the slideshow (see point above)
  • Plan your own answers to the questions you will ask the children to prompt them and retain focus.

The assessment & homework’ tasks for this lesson

The ‘background information’ tab, where teacher can find further information about the lesson, the story, and the music.