There are 6 suggested activities below for the teacher to complete in order to prepare for teaching  ‘lesson content’ for lesson 5

Instructions: Music Clips: Pictures/videos:
1. Discussion: Authors

Prepare for a discussion on ‘authors’

– Prepare questions to prompt the children to share information about their favourite books and authors, and also the job role of an author

2. Composer of Music:
Learn the definition and role of a musical ‘composer’

  • Definition: a composer is a writer of music



3. Jacques Offenbach:

  • Learn about Jacques Offenbach (see background information for this lesson)
  • Watch the video on his life, to become familiar with key features


Video of Offenbach’s life:

4. Resources to bring to the lesson:

  • Percussion (untuned) instruments – one for each pupil at least
  • Chorus Composing Work from lesson 4
  • Lined paper and pens for each pupil
  • Observation sheet for each pupil
  • Recording devices if available
  • Homework can be found in the Homework & Assessment tab.
5. Key vocabulary: 


Jacques Offenbach


Jacques Offenbach:

6. Run through:

The lesson aims & objectives (found when you first click on Lesson 5)

The ‘lesson content’  tab, where you will find exercises for this lesson:

  • Ensure you can do all of the exercises.
  • Read through the ‘lesson content’ repeatedly before teaching it in order to be prepared.
  • Play the slideshow (open slideshow button on top corner of page in ‘lesson content’) that will be displayed during the class
  • Download and print the lesson activity sheets at the bottom of the page in ‘lesson content’ – practice explaining the activities as you play the slideshow (see point above)
  • Plan your own answers to the questions you will ask the children to prompt them and retain focus.

The assessment and homework‘ tasks for this lesson

The ‘background information’ tab, where teacher can find further information about the lesson, the story, and the music.