Lesson Content


There are 5 exercises to complete during Lesson 12.

  • Before the lesson:
    • Scroll down the page to view information about each exercise
    • Ensure you have read through the preparation guide to this lesson
  • During the lesson:
    • Press ‘open slideshow’ in the top right corner of the page to display and play lesson resources to the class.
    • Download & print the lesson content information at the bottom of this page to reference during class

Lesson Content + Exercise Information:

1. Discussion: Jacques Offenbach:

Solve ‘Offenbach’ anagram on board

Recap Offenbach using homework findings
2. Explain:
Explain why Offenbach really connected to the character, Prince Caprice
3. Aims of the Class:


 Have someone read out the aims of the class
4. Discussion: Connections between Prince Caprice and Jacques Offenbach: Split class up into pairs.

Hand out the Offenbach life sheet.

Have the pairs read through the sheet together and circle or underline things they think are similar between the life of Offenbach and Prince Caprice, displaying the themes on the board as a point of reference.

Discuss the similarities between Offenbach and Prince Caprice

5. Group Composing Exercise:

Resources to bring to this activity:

  • Self-evaluation form – 1 for each group
  • Writing Equipment
  • Independent composing work from all lessons
  • Untuned instruments
  • Instruments made by pupils in previous lessons
  • A teacher’s evaluation form – 1 for each group performance:


Allow groups time to go through their compositions quietly as the music plays (a few runs)
Have some groups perform to the class – with the music (if not enough time for all students, do the rest in a future lesson)
Evaluate each group in turn on the form
Have the groups self-evaluate after performances and hand in all their work at the end.


Downloadable and Printable lesson content