Lesson 6 – the ‘Crescendo’ symbol

Topic 7 explores the theme of ‘expression’ through sound. This is the first lesson on musical dynamics (or loudness).

The symbol that will be introduced today is the ‘Crescendo’ sign. Crescendo, quite simply, means ‘getting gradually louder’. It is an Italian word that means ‘growing’, as when the sign appears, musicians play their instruments louder, i.e. their music ‘grows’ in volume.

 In this lesson you will:

  • Explore ‘sound’ expression through a range of theoretical and practical activities.
  • Develop the understanding of musical symbols by responding to both rhythmic and dynamics activities.
  • Learn about the ‘crescendo’, exploring this concept in ‘Voyage to the Moon’, and through performance-based activities.
  • Continue with group composition exercises, including expression and exciting in relation to the ‘crescendo’.

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