Background Information


Musical ‘tone’ relates to the feeling conveyed by the music. Music can be used to tell a story; the tone may be ‘happy’, ‘exciting’, ‘sad’, ‘angry’ etc.


Analysing the tone of each section will help connect story events to the music. To analyse tone, pupils must explore the inter-related dimensions of music, or the way that each instrument plays in the music. All of the inter-related dimensions will help explore the tone. The inter-related dimensions that will be explored are:

  1. Duration: how long, smooth, short, or jumpy the notes being played are;
  2. Tempo: how fast or slow the music is;
  3. Timbre: the distinctive sound and quality of a particular instrument;
  4. Pitch: how high or low the frequency of the sound is.

The tone of the music changes constantly in ‘Voyage to the Moon’. The different instruments play together as an orchestra, and alone in solos, using their distinctive qualities to contribute to tone that correlates with events from the story of the music.